AP Singles Kwelagobe Out For Staying Clean

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As the electoral season campaigns reach a crescendo, accusations amongst rivals keep on coming thick and fast with former Gaborone Central legislator Margaret Nasha pointing an accusatory finger at former colleagues in the ruling party.

She boldly cited former colleagues at the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) for 'go topola' (stealing from public coffers).

Nasha, who has since dumped the BDP and is now special advisor to the Alliance for Progressives (AP) president Ndaba Gaolathe, has accused the BDP leadership of being dirty. 

She praised former BDP colleague and political veteran, Daniel Kwelagobe for not having sticky fingers on Saturday in Ramotswa where the AP was launching its candidate, Boniface Mabeo.

“There is one BDP member who has been my friend since the 1960s in the name of Daniel Kwelagobe. They have tried to break our friendship apart, but failed because we knew each other before politics. He is the only clean BDP member who retired without having stolen anything. I cannot say the same for others,” she said.

Nasha said her party has well-mannered, hard working and God-fearing politicians who will turn around Botswana’s fortunes without looting.

“I like it when they look down on us because it gives us the strength to work even harder while they relax. We do not have any money, but we keep on working without stealing from government coffers. I call on you all to be careful who you vote for to avoid voting in looters. The economy is now crumbling because we voted for people who just want to steal from government coffers,” she said.

For his part, AP president Gaolathe said even though many have dismissed them, they will soldier on as more people continue to follow the party.

“We are a party with truthful leaders who will not abuse their offices. They work together not because they are friends but because of their capabilities,” he said.

“We are going to have a buzzing economy under the AP where there will be multiple streams of income. People will earn good salaries. Our economy will grow two-folds in six years’ time.”

Speaking of their candidate, Gaolathe said Mabeo was a dedicated man who was concerned about how things are done.  He said Mabeo quit his lucrative job at United Nations to contest for the elections and be part of a new Botswana.

“I trust he will win the elections and work for Ramotswa and the whole country.  He will be more than a Member of Parliament, but also a minister in the new Botswana,” he said.

For his part, Mabeo said: “Yes, I quit my job at the United Nations where I was heading communications to stand for elections.

This was because I want to represent this constituency in Parliament. I agree with the AP that corruption is rampant. I want to work with Gaolathe and others to explore means of improving lives for Bamalete. We will drill boreholes to get underground water and use it for agriculture. I call on you to vote for the AP so we can create a lot of jobs through agriculture and other ways”.

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