Analysts Give Mixed Views On Masisi Resignation Calls


Following an early Sunday morning, Facebook post by Minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration Kabo Morwaeng calling on Batswana to 'responsibly' critique the President, The Monitor spoke to two political analysts who view things differently.

Lesole Machacha believes Batswana are justified to petition President Mokgweetsi Masisi and call for his resignation while Leonard Sesa believes the President is unfairly persecuted. “Morwaeng must understand that we cannot all be in Parliament, that is why we vote for 57 people to represent us. It is therefore only right that when people have complaints, they should be allowed to enjoy their rights to do so.

It is unpatriotic for him to be calling Batswana out for expressing their concerns. What he should do is call on his Cabinet and speak to the President on what they can do to improve the livelihoods of their voters,” he said.

Machacha said the current administration is doing everything wrong and should act before it is too late. “Right now we have Batswana businesses in the tourism sector suffering and government goes out to buy Tautona Lodge in Gantsi to compete with them. The government should be empowering the struggling sector and building or buying buildings for a hospital. Right now Batswana are losing jobs and properties while prices for essentials like electricity and water keep on rising.

These are what Morwaeng and his colleagues should be worried about and accounting to the nation,” he said. Machacha warned that if things do not change, Botswana could lose its glorious international rankings. On the contrary, Sesa is of the view that Masisi needs to clean up and remove Khama’s stooges sabotaging him from within the public service. “Some people do not understand politics. Remember there was always talk that Ian Khama would rule beyond 2018. Masisi is yet to take control and start implementing his roadmap.

He is still trying to clean the system after the worst regime by Khama. What he needs to do is speed up the process and be able to deliver what he has promised,” he said. On the issue of spending on purchasing a lodge, Sesa said he still expects that a full explanation will be made. “I just heard Morwaeng update Parliament on it. It would be unfortunate if no further details are shared with the nation as to why the lodge was a priority at this point when we are still fighting the virus.

Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with the President and Batswana should give him a chance and understand his challenges and trust that he will uproot corruption, which he said he does not condone,” he said.

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