Abbie returns to hospital


Abbian ‘Abbie’ Ntshabele has returned to hospital after picking up a fungal infection, a few weeks after her surgery.

Lerato Ntshabele, the mother of the 14-year-old who recently underwent a operation in Belgium for a rare cancer, Metastatic Immature Teratoma, had been re-admitted. “Abbie went back to theatre between March 27 and April 3 this year, for surgical procedures on the tummy. A post scan on March 26, 2015 showed fluid recollection in the tummy area and unfortunately it caused fungal infection and surgeons felt it was wise to disturb the wounds and wash out the fluid,” she said. Ntshabele said the same procedure was repeated on the April 3, adding that Abbie was put back on ventilation for 13 days where she needed help with her breathing and is on light oxygen.

Abbie will remain hospitalised until both the surgical and medical teams are satisfied.

Ntshabele added that Abbie started eating on Sunday and on Monday, the physiotherapists began the huge task of getting the teenager to walk again as she has not done so in months. “It has been one step forward and two steps back but we will get there in the end,” Ntshabele said. Abbie was taken to theatre for an eight hours operation on March 16, which were successful.

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