Thick-skinned Vee delivers mournful Money Language

Vee Mampeezy
Vee Mampeezy

Most people by now know that Botswana’s most successful musician Vee Mampeezy does not take well to criticism.

Since his music was being criticised, the award-winning artist has gone from flaunting his success on social media to showing off his luxurious cars and fancy houses. 

Last year, the artist even wrote a song called Dololo directed at his haters (‘matichara a Facebook’).  Recently his followers have harshly gone out to condemn his English language skills and now the artist from Hukuntsi has released a song called Money Language, which features local hip hop artists, Mane Dilla, JT Special BOY, Obvdo, Veezo View, Ozi F Teddy and Mingo Touch.

The song came after Vee Mampeezy’s challenge on Facebook called Money Language intended to show haters that to him the English language does not matter as much as money does.  Vee Mampeezy first started the challenge when he posted video clips of himself revving the engine of his GWagon, indicating that he would only bother to speak ‘money language’ from then on. 

“It’s all money language bro. We don’t speak English no more.  In China when you want to strike a deal you don’t speak English. They don’t speak that thing.  If you want to go to a country like Russia or France they will listen to you when you speak money language,” he emphasised in one of the videos on Facebook. Vee Mampeezy has in the past responded to fans that criticise his grammar on social media.

It looks like the Letlhale hitmaker has finally found a way of dealing with haters and maybe he is just tired of people giving him the same wornout ‘ignore them’ advice. Looking at how he has grown a thick skin since releasing Dololo, Vee Mampeezy is out to fight fire with fire. 

His detractors have given him a hard time pointing out his flaws, inadequacies, and imperfections either in his music or language speaking skills.  So, the Taku Taku hitmaker will not have any of it anymore. Something has changed.  Perhaps success has truly hardened the veteran musician.

Money Language is Vee Mampeezy’s one-part rebuttal to his haters and a longstanding promise to his fans to make a return of the original Black Money Makers (BMM) crew being Eskimos, Exodus and Mingo Touch. 

At the centre of Money Language lies deep melancholy and nostalgia that instead of delivering the classic BMM reunion, old spark serves fans with a combination of tired kwaito and hip-hop music with all the trimmings of a missed hit.  All is good, as the Metro Award winning artist knows that a certain sect of listeners will probably walk the other way.

The man is a hard worker and has won the hearts of many prominent figures.  He has given fans plenty of memorable material over the course of his successful career. Most of the rappers in the songs have delivered their lines such as Ozi F Teddy and Mane Dila just to mention a few, but Vee Mampeezy’s chorus does not do justice to the song. Maybe he should have just let the young rappers do their thing.  For someone who has worked hard to silence his critics with Dololo, Vee has retraced a couple of steps to Wabaatsile. With Money Language he has now made it clear that he is vulnerable to flopping.

Mingo Touch’s verse was on point and he was the one eligible to make the chorus.

Those looking for something different from Dololo will find no solace in Money Language.  Yes, Vee Mampeezy assembled a star-studded lineup of artists on the track, but a hit it does not make.

We understand Vee’s frustration when it comes to critics, but Money Language is a half-hearted attempt making a lasting impression. Ace J is a good producer, but his beat lacks the palpable energy associated with Vee’s songs.

Money Language lacks all the right ingredients for any Vee fan to certify it as a summer bop. In the past, there was always a frenzy to be expected in the wake of a new Vee Mampeezy song, especially when it featured a plethora of big names in the local game, but not this time.. But it is not all lost since the artist have announced that he will release another song called dumalana. “I am about to release a national anthem,” he announced to his fans on social media.

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