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Curried Chicken & Warm Citrus Potato Salad
Curried Chicken & Warm Citrus Potato Salad

Eats with Rebel Cook. I love the name. Packs a punch and boy, so do her meals. We first met over 10 years ago when I was doing work for TDR1000 (aka Mmantshwabisi desert race). They had wanted food stalls and a friend recommend her, and if I remember correctly we didn’t get to work together then. But over the years, my path crossed with this culinary bombshell and we became acquainted.

One of the first times I recall tasting her dishes was at a live demo she was partaking in at a Food and Home type fair hosted mantlheng a ka ko trade fair. I remember that the theme for that day was cooking and being creative with traditional foods. The few individuals who took to the stage cooked their hearts out and took us through the dishes. It was very informative, a great experience to say the least, as this type of thing is not a generic style of eventing.

It also turned out Rebel cook is close friends with an aunt of mine, and she catered at one of her milestone birthdays. The food presentation was sophisticated and unique, bamboo boats and Chinese style stir fry boxes were not so popular at the time and she was already on the pulse of international styles of presentation. This was another time that I saw an expression of Rebel Cooks passion for food as well as her creativity in prepping meals for people, which in my opinion creates important unforgettable moments for her clients.

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