Re Batswana Music Ensemble In Unforgettable Farewell

Re Batswana Music Ensemble
Re Batswana Music Ensemble

Local jazz trendsetters, Re Batswana Music Ensemble bid their local fans farewell during a memorable jazz show held at Masa Square on Saturday night.

The Ensemble showcased folk, traditional, Afro jazz and modern jazz music in the most unique way. The Ensemble bid farewell as they will this week aboard a long flight to China, Sweden and Germany in a bid to advertise local culture and arts whilst celebrating 50 years of Botswana’s independence.

The Ensemble comprising the super talented Lister Boleseng, Nnunu Ramogotsi, Ndingo Johwa, Lekofi Sejeso, back up vocals, Cheza Majwabe and Sakkie Nonong and not forgetting Andrew Chinganga on the saxophone, Kopano Mantswe on the drums and Leroy Nyoni left the audience in awe.

The impatience, which was prevalent amongst the audience prior to the beginning of the show was forgotten in a split of a second as the ‘elder’, Johwa kick-started the show with his slow African folk instrumental jazz. He then pressed further with a well known song, which tells the story of a young girl who falls in love with a creature that had turned itself into a young handsome man.

As the chilly night became warmer, the gifted Boleseng alongside top class saxophonist, Chinganga took the crowd through a smooth ride of rhythmic saxophone melodies side by side with Kopano’s marvelous drum manoeuvre.

Chanting was not an issue of choice as Boleseng took over the stage with his Molato Gao Bole tune. He followed with his emotional piece of O Tlhokana Lenna, Ke Tlhokana Le Wena, which is a romantic jazz tune. Boleseng alongside Nnunu did less singing as the fans decided to fully take responsibility of providing good vocal back-up.

Songbird, Nnunu took to the stage with several of her rhythmic African jazz tunes.

The African Magazine Best Artist of the Year nominee summed up the show halfway through before Changanga cemented the accordance of the night.

A good combination of small hand held instruments produced the much necessary rhythmic sound to add to the Zimbabwean quality jazz story, which Chinganga told through his piece.

The Re Batswana Ensemble will leave the country on September 20. Their first stop will be Beijing, where they will hold a press conference prior to their performance on September 23 in Uplands Vasby. The Ensemble will end their chain of trips in Berlin and return home on October 5.

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