Ramogojwana invests in his talent

From a young age, Ramogojwana has always been enthralled by the concept of creativity
From a young age, Ramogojwana has always been enthralled by the concept of creativity

Bakang Ramogojwana is a full-time artist residing in Kopong. He is a multi-creative artist who does sculpture, drawing, painting, and other crafts.

"Art is something I cannot resist. I would not say I chose it but rather say it chose me. It is calling and for me it is what I live for. For me it has highlighted the importance of art especially in the way different mediums can function to channel unparalleled ideas. I have been indulging in the connection between mixing colors and evoking particular feelings with great interest in my artifacts so I use paints, pencil, pen, cold glue and wire so the list is endless," he said.

Ramogojwana explained that from young age, he had always been enthralled by the concept of creativity.

He pointed out that he was a self-taught artist adding that the environment he lived in and the people around him inspired him. This multi talented artist also pointed out that being an artist means forever healing wounds. He said he got inspiration from his emotions.

Moreover, Ramogojwana said he found art in everything.

He said he was proud that masses of people love and support his work in any way they could.

"The feedback and support from the people is amazing and it warms my heart, it motivates me to push forward and produce more. He said his art focuses mostly in nature and human. I am a nature drawn person because it brings me the sensational feeling that I find it hard to explain in words. Currently I work from home and sell my work through social media and also in exhibitions hopefully one day in the future I will be featured in one of the best local restaurants. I have exhibited my work at Thapong Visual Arts Centre, The Land, The Honeycomb Hub, Francistown Arts Meeting, Acacia Mall and Avani. The main challenge I face is capital. Sometimes I find it hard to produce because of lack of art materials. Art materials are expensive. Sometimes I find myself in a creative slouch because of lack of sales.

The market flactuates, at times it pours and gets dried up," he pointed out.

This young man has been awarded the best form four Certificate in Art and Design in 2015 and was also awarded certificate for scooping position three during Seatla Regional Art Exhibition at Thapong Visual Centre in 2016. He encouraged to his fellow artists and young people to be the best supporter of their passion and invest in it. He called them to always do it whole-heatedly.

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