Nelson publishes When School Ends poetry

Omphemetse Nelson is a 22-year-old from Maun who has published a poetry book titled When School Ends. In an interview with Arts & Culture, she said When School Ends is a book that consists of various topics which are based on the occurrences in the society.

She pointed out that poetry to her came as way of expressing herself, her views and thoughts. Nelson added that it was at a later stage when she decided to share her poems with the hope that they will provide different insights to life. “When School Ends was formulated in a way that it sheds light to society phenomena to teenagers to help them alter their choices.

While its targeted audience is youngsters, it can act as a bridge which adults can use to understand a teenage perspective on life. Many of the poems in this book were written during my junior school years.

It has 64 pages and 42 poems,” she said. Furthermore, she explained that writing the book was not as hard as publishing it. Nelson added that she had to spend money that she did not have to push its publication. She, however, pointed out that when she first commenced writing it, it was not about publishing a book because she used poetry as a coping mechanism. Nelson said she was able to articulate what she felt without the restrictions of what was normal according to society. Due to that perception, Nelson said she wrote a poem called ‘Life Made Me An Artist’, a poem that illustrates how the hurdles of life shaped and made her become what she is today.

She explained that without those struggles, she would have never searched for a way out and the inquiry of a door of poetry would have never been discovered. She said as time went by, she began to broaden her scope and started writing about life happenings. “The book will be marketed on Facebook. The page name is When School Ends orders can be accessed at 76269611,” she ended.

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