Mogale makes it to Mister Africa Continental top 14

When School Ends
When School Ends

Twenty-seven-year-old Taolo Mogale is among fellow contestants from different walks of life who made it to Mister Africa Continental top 14.

The pageantry grand finale that was supposed to be held this year was postponed to February 6-12, 2022 due to COVID-19. Mogale has conquered the virtual interviews and his tourism, culture advocacy and promotion and was selected the leading advocacy securing him a slot amongst 14 all African countries. "I am currently employed at Botswana Prisons Service and on a distance learning doing public health and I will be completing my studies this coming month.

Mister Africa Continent Botswana was held last year on Christmas day under the Mister Africa Continent motto, ‘Continental Icon For Global Influence.’ Initially the pageant was to be held in Accra, Ghana on October 20, 2021 but due to escalating COVID-19 infections, it has been moved to February next year.

This pageant compromised of all African countries of which judging through interviews and project presentations were shared on social media,” he said. Mogale explained that after several interviews, they were shortlisted for top 14 of which he was happy to be selected amongst other talented African youths. He said he embarked on a project dubbed, Mindful Movement Campaign Project that centres on the mentorship of a boy-child, mental health issues, gender based violence (GBV) and community charity through corporate social responsibility.

He explained that the reason for his choice of project was that in many scenarios, male figures were getting involved in unbecoming behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse, house breaking and being perpetrators in many social ills. He added that he aimed to shed a light on males that they too were smart, intelligent, capable adding that it was time for them to face their power and embrace their future. He said just like a girl-child, platforms such as Miss World, Miss Universe and others. It was high time men see their male children involved so that they could prove that they are ready to step up and shine. “We see the rate of mental health issues rapidly elevating globally and it is time we teach our communities to respond to that.

I always tell people that our driving forces are our power house, as such we need to have a stable mind to run our daily activities since they say it is all in the mind. On Thursday this week I was at Matlhakola/Mokungwane where I addressed the youth and the community on my project that centers on the mentorship of a boy-child on issues of GBV, mental health among others,” he ended.

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