Makanye writes ‘The Cold Love’

Reginald Makanye
Reginald Makanye

Reginald Makanye, a 21-year-old young man from Kasane has published a novel titled, 'The Cold Love'. In an interview with Arts & Culture, Makanye said he led a purpose driven life from a tender age inspiring his peers to believe in themselves and help each other when in need.

The young man is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree Honours in Broadcasting and Journalism from Limkowing University of Creative Technology. “Inspired by my childhood and observation of current overwhelming misdeeds happening in our society, I felt compelled to write a book which sheds light in people’s hearts. As a young preacher at Kazungula Primary School, I had great compassion for children and everyone in the society. At 14 years, I joined the Botswana National Children’s Consultative Forum where I got more exposure about children’s rights and observed the misdeeds happening in our community,” he said. Speaking about the book, he explained that the novel was dramatic and intended to spread a message of love to youth and elders in the nation and the world at large.

He pointed out that he greatly believed that criminal acts such as theft, murder, gender-based-violence and corruption amongst others happen because people lack love. He explained that love was not selfish, impatient and it did not satisfy one at the cost of multitudes. In the book, a young girl, Anabel embarks on a mission to rekindle the love in Arusa village after it crumbled down due to a huge rivalry between adults and children in the society. The book has 158 pages, comprising of 21 chapters. Each chapter has a subheading in the form of either a quote or idiom or proverbs to give the reader a hint of what the chapter is about. Chapter one, is sub-headed ‘The Seed’. Readers are welcomed into the warmth of family, school and social relations that are booming with great affection in Arusa village. The following chapter sub headed Home Is Where The Heart Is, gives the reader a light of equality and love between Anabel’s parents, which keeps the family intact.

The book was published by Native Book Publishers in July 2021 and will be launched in February 19, 2021 at the University of Botswana Library Auditorium. According to the author, he would in the near future release his new book ‘Before Winter Comes’ which is a motivational book that prepares people for challenges in their journey of success.

The other book he aims to publish includes ‘Unleashing The Giant Within; breaking from Addiction’ co-authored with Penuell Zambwe which targets to help the youth in conquering divers, temptations and addictions in these times. “It was not easy to write, publish and print the book due to financial strains and balancing my school work and book writing. However, I am forever grateful to God for giving me a mother who stood by me all the way. She encouraged me emotionally and financially to ensure my dream materialises. My publisher as well has allowed me to pay him in installments, which helped a lot. I am today elated of how people across the country are placing orders for the book.”

“Everyone is yearning to read The Cold Love. It is my desire to see authors who are determined to see their dream become a reality against all odds. I also appeal to parents and the society to support young authors as they rise in the industry. Books are one of the powerful tools that can transform the world,” Makanye ended.

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