Emlake Morena-Charmaboy’s music profile broadens

Morena Charmaboy
Morena Charmaboy

Emmanuel Lekorwe, who is famed as Emlake Morena-Charmaboy in the musical arena, continues to spread his wings in the music industry. He started his music journey back in 2017 where he started working with different bands in the likes of The Jammers Band, a band that pushed him far and made him a brand.

He worked with various artistes like Tyte as a dancer, Afro Rhumba Stars as a dancer, Visually Impaired Theatre Group (V.I.T.G Band) as a leading vocalist, choreographer and song composer. He then worked with Charma Gal as a backing vocalist.

Lekorwe is a versatile artist who does different genres as it gives him a chance to grow vocally and mentally. The young singer does house kwasa, Afro piano and house music.

So far, he has released one house album titled Melody in 2019 and has seven different genre singles that were released in 2020 to date, namely Lefatshe featured by V.I.T.G, Mphe Pelo Ya Hao featuring DJ Sticker from South Africa, Kompressor ft Tieboss x Mc Colabo, Ose kwate ft Mr Mcharlo from SA, Tshipidi Tonto featuring Jimmy Jimaro from Rocking Stars, Dicurve Tsa Makoti featuring Mr Zulu and lately released a debut Afro piano single called Nkosi Sikelele, which many people think it is Charma Gal.

Emlake says he writes his songs and some of them are not written but sung freestyle deep from his heart. He said lately people have been requesting him to release his album and also requested to see him collaborate with Charma Gal. However, he stated that Melody album was not well marketed because he had financial challenges. His music is contemporary and caters for both the young the old age.

“The music industry has many challenges especially when you are an upcoming artist and you do everything for yourself. You face rejection, blackmail from producers, promoters and sometimes fellow artists, friends and family, which is too much to handle and it may force one to quit music. But as long as you know what you are doing, you will not quit easily. Since I have started music, I have achieved a lot. One of them was being back to business school sponsored by MYSC and IDM school in 2019. I did a course in Certificate in Business Development and Innovation.

I also attended many business forums,” he said.

Moreover, he pointed out that the local market is corrupt as the same people are being given opportunities to flourish while the many upcoming artistes from low social backgrounds are rejected and called names. He added that some event organisers did not give them a chance to flourish. “My advice to all my fellow upcoming artists is that they should always play their ‘Me’ role and stick to their goals no matter what as there is lot of criticism, corruption, rejection and blackmailing out there.

Emlake is a multi-talented person who is a brand ambassador of a new clothing brand called GMK.

He also writes songs, short stories, poems and he is a dance class teacher to both adults and kids.

The star also teaches vocal classes,” he said.

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