A Gratifying Performance For Ancestral Rituals

Ancestral Rituals at Taboo PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE
Ancestral Rituals at Taboo PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE

A new joint in Tlokweng called Taboo formerly Pub 45 is increasingly becoming more popular having hosted some of the biggest musicians in the country such as ATI and La Timmy recently.

This past Friday talented local group, Ancestral Rituals joined a plethora of artists who have graced the tiny stage. Perhaps what makes the place popular is because admission is free and revellers have been hungry for entertainment since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Arriving on stage just an hour before midnight, the powerful music group delivered a gratifying performance.

Ancestral Rituals, which reminds many of South Africa’s Black Motion with their intoxicating stage presence dished out an awe-inspiring performance and it was as if more than 18 months of non-live performances had not passed. They brought an energy that, when combined with their music, was uncontainable.

Their organic and Afrocentric arrangements tapped into an original desire revellers sometimes have to completely detach and fall into a reality where only the present matters.

On the decks their concept was so beautiful and allowed people to party a little like they used to. The drummer thumped the drums as revellers screamed towards the sky as they experienced what some thought will never feel again in the past year. Everyone seemed awestruck because these guys never even took a slight pause or slowed down so it was drums all the way. Ancestral Rituals have often been compared to another local group which never lived up to its expectations called Team Distant.

Perhaps Ancestral Rituals with their energy and talent can take where the latter left of. Despite performing music mostly without vocals, the duo’s ethnic beat reverberated around the place. No vocalist was there to carry Ancestral Rituals but the house duo certainly stole the show. Perhaps going forward, the house music duo should release more music and take their DJ booth and drums to new heights.

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