Could this be satanism?

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RAMOTSWA: Students at Kagiso Senior Secondary School are alleged to be exposed to the Satanism cult. It is reported that at the end of every academic year, the leaving students pass the 'culture' onto the remaining group.

A current form four student at Kagiso, whose name is known to The Monitor, on Friday morning said that they survive by prayer, as the Satanists are said to be very powerful. that they can just look at your face and pass Satanism on to you.

The student said according to some students who have confessed to being infected by the Satanism sprit, they realised that they were infected after having the desire to drink human blood.

It is also reported that some students who are said to be members of the Satanism group go to the extent of putting snakes on their bodies while they are sleeping in the hostels. In one of the incidents that proved that indeed Satanism exists at the school, a student confessed that she used to be a Satanist and that she once put snakes on some students while they were sleeping.

The student also said that they normally hold their meetings at night and that some teachers are members of the Satanism group. A week before then, another student was reported to be revived from the Satanism spirit at a church outside school. The student allegedly told the church that she was rich due to Satanism, it is said that during the revival session the Pastor removed rings from the student but the said rings were only visible to the Pastor and the student.

In another turn of events a student once borrowed a book and upon returning it to the owner, she noticed blood in between the pages. When the owner asked about it, the said student told her that the red colour in the pages was human blood as she is a Satanist.

In the same month of November 2011, when a student confessed that she was a Satanist an English teacher who's names are known to The Monitor was suspended for allegations of Satanism after

he prayed during an assembly in the morning.

According to some students who spoke to The Monitor, they believe that the school management isn't concerned about the problem that the students are exposed to, because they are not seen to be doing anything about it.

In an interview with the chairman of the Parents Teachers Association, Tshekiso Sorinyane, he said that they are aware of the Satanism allegations and that the teachers have also reported to them about it but they do not have proof. "Last year, we met with the village leadership to discuss the problem but our challenge was that we do not have proof about the Satanism at the school," said Sorinyane.

Sorinyane said they went to the extent of involving the police to help them with the problem but they also could not find a way of proving that indeed there was Satanism at the school. The director at the Department of Secondary Education, Benson Rauwe told The Monitor that the information was new to him and that the is no teacher who was ever been suspended for Satanism.

"What you are talking about is said to be a religion to some people yet we do not have a way of proving it" said Rauwe. He added he was at the school on Tuesday and there was nothing said about the allegations of Satanism and that at the Department of Secondary Education their mandate is to make sure there is good learning at schools.

Recently, the head of the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS), Isaac Kgosi, when quizzed about Satanism, responded that it is a growing thereat in Botswana. He added that there are Satanism sects operating in Botswana. The spy chief also told the PAC that there are some prominent figures involved in Satanism. He was appearing before the Public Accounts Committee during his presentation a month ago.



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