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Familiarise Thyself With The Law

COVID-19 has affected us all and altered ways of doing things, including favourite gatherings such as weddings.

A wedding celebration is a joyous time for families. As such some families usually make a commitment to outdo the rest by hosting an event that will be the talk of the village for some.

Prior to COVID-19, it was a norm to have plenty of food at wedding celebrations. Actually, food plays a big part.

Now of course, due to coronavirus, the food aspect of the celebration has been suspended in gatherings such as weddings and funerals. While it is important for all of us to abide by the law, Batswana should seriously follow COVID-19 regulations.

The law should be applied indiscriminately, and not seem to target certain families and not others.

Residents of Letlhakeng got a shock of their lives last week, when police swamped into a home where a wedding was being held and confiscated all the cooked food as well as the unprepared meat that was allegedly stored in the house.

The family on top of that got a charge for violating COVID-19 regulations. Based on information provided by the police, the family had way more than the 50 guests permitted for a gathering. It is each and every individual’s responsibility to equip themselves with relevant information when planning such events, but we also expect

the law to indiscriminately apply to all citizens equally.

Since suspension to hold events was lifted, there have been many weddings, and most if not all the weddings had food, and most again if not all went way above the set two-hour maximum time! What was it with this particular wedding?

It is said that someone called the police to inform them about the large numbers of people attending the wedding. The family according to the police kept a registry and took attendant’s temperatures, but failed to limit their numbers to a maximum of 50.

Many have been charged for violating COVID-19 regulations, but it is a first to hear of food being confiscated at an event! While we do understand that there are issues of food mishandling and meals being top drawer, there is also a concern about how the food that is confiscated is going to be disposed.

Should it be taken to landfills, people are going to go there and pick what they can. Would that be healthy for such individuals?

Let’s make it a point that we are well aware of what is permitted and what is not, to avoid losing large sums of money through charges and food going to waste.




Wooh Kha neu!

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