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Dima’s Cuisine On Order

Dima’s Cuisine On Order
As more and more Batswana venture into catering, unique products are slowly finding their way into the market with tantalising results.

One such individual who is creating a niche for herself in the growing local culinary space is Madulo Dima.

The 30-year-old mother of three owns the recently founded a business, The Honey Pot Cuisine, which is trying to make its presence felt in the catering industry.

Dima’s Honey Pot offers bakes and pastries which she says she’s currently busy with.

She explains to BusinessMonitor: “I’m do bakes most of the time and then on Tuesdays I do request lunches which why sometimes if the majority would like lasagna I will do that for a maximum number of people that I will let know on a Sunday.” 

A perceptive somebody, Dima explains she went into the business to fill a need for foods that may not necessarily be found in Botswana or are not on the menus of catering companies that people want to try.

“So, I take requests on orders and if it is possible, I will remake the dish or pastry for you at cost,” she added. 

Dima is currently running the business from her home at Kgale View with an order-and-collect, or delivery at P30 for areas around Gaborone while areas outside of Gaborone like Tlokweng and Phakalane come at an extra cost. 

Like many business start-ups, her business was influenced by the coronavirus where many people were used to making food orders while some lost jobs because of lockdowns. “I will say for myself, COVID-19 is actually what catapulted my business  as this for me was the

best time to launch to be honest it has not been long since I started the business but the response from people has been amazing,” she says. 

The main sellers of the business include the Korean fried chicken, a unique flavour fried chicken product that borrows as the name suggest from Korean flavors and the Lemon loaf which is a product of her own creation.

Dima further says her product offering is what makes her business unique as it brings variety and choice to the table. 

Despite the competition that comes with being in the culinary business, she is currently a supplier to a small business in the Central Business District just behind Cappello called Hash Turn. Her goal is to be able to go into the retail market with her products in the future something she highlighted is part of her daily routine though she said for now her plan is to open a place where people can actually come and enjoy her cuisine at their convenience and not just at her place.

“My advice is never give up and yes it’s cliché, and yes you have heard it before but the truth never runs out of style,” Dima remarks.

This is her third attempt at entering the food scene. She failed twice before but this time things are looking up for her and she credits this to the lessons she acquired on the way now she has improved on what caused her to fail.




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