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Nephew on trial for ex soldier uncle’s brutal murder

Nephew on trial for ex soldier uncle’s brutal murder
FRANCISTOWN: The trial of a Serowe man that allegedly murdered his uncle, a retired Botswana Defence Force (BDF) Captain, is currently ongoing before the High Court’s Justice Tshegofatso Mogomotsi.

The state alleges that Zwabo Tebo Monyai, 41, of Mhaswa ward, murdered Mhaswa Sebeo on August 24, 2014 at the same ward in Serowe.

After the murder of his uncle, who had just retired from the army only four months earlier, Monyai is further accused of taking the corpse to Raseretse cemetery in Serowe where he allegedly burnt his uncle’s body.

Monyai, a former taxi driver, is alleged to have used a metal bar to strike his uncle on the head, which is suspected, is what might have led to his demise.

When the case adjourned late yesterday, the first prosecution witness, Oduetse Simon, was still giving evidence.

His testimony was that he knew the deceased and accused because he used to live with them.

“I was staying with them because my father used to work with one Bolatotswe Sebeo who was the owner of the yard where we were staying … On that fateful day, I left at around 7am to go and ask for a cigarette from one of my friends who was not staying very far from where I used to stay. When I returned from my

friend’s [place] at around 8am, I found that there were some marks on the ground in the yard towards the small gate. The markings on the ground looked as if an animal or person was being dragged,” Simon said.

Simon added that upon closely examining the tracks and struggle marks, he also saw a Courtleigh cigarette on the ground that he used to share with the deceased and a rusty metal bar that was stained with some blood.

“I immediately told other people who I was staying with within the yard. The police were later called and I told them that I suspected that Monyai is the one who may have injured the deceased because I could see his shoe prints on the ground where there were some drag and struggle marks,” Simon said.

The witness still maintained his testimony when giving his evidence in chief and police statement when under cross-examination from the accused’s attorney Mbiganyi Mhizha.

He maintained that he suspected Monyai to be the person who may have injured the deceased because of his shoe prints.

Counsel Carlos Diundu represents the state. The case continues.




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