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I Am My Own Enemy, Others Are Just Pawns In My Battlefield

One day my father, Athulang Nicodimus Ngwigwa said to me; “You are your own biggest enemy, do not go around imputing anyone for what is happening in your life because it is all entirely upon your reactions and actions”.

These words started to jar my mind even though I lacked understanding until I faced some unbearable moments in my life. The agony was a results of how I responded to the challenges I faced and was too naïve to comprehend the mission in arrears.

Time has control over our lives. We do not choose what it throws at us and have no other alternative but to undergo the experience. It makes people pawns on the life chess board. It is not expensive to move nor lose a pawn in the chess game. All that they do, positive or negative, ought to catapult us into another dimension that life time has arranged for us.

Nobody is evil, they seem to be evil because they are compromised by grace to hurt and disappoint, with one mission to help you to progress in life. We will never be successful without the support of others and support comes either bundled with pain or perhaps joy. It, therefore, means we are all purposeful beings and each and every action that is taken is supposed to make an impact on our lives.

How we perceive what transpires in our lives matter. We may perceive events either mortally or spiritually. When we are at the bottom of the sea-bed that is, clouded by mortal perceptions, we start blaming and developing negative attitudes towards those we regard to as our persecutors. This attracts unnecessary emotional anguish that hinders one to realize the wisdom and opportunities that could change your life positively, moreover, earn you lifestyle, stress and/ or any non- communicable disease.

This perception makes us to judge other people and grow hatred towards those that we suspect to be our enemies. It impairs our spiritual vision and stagnate advancement in our lives. We wear ego and pride which eventually isolate us from others and puts away prospects that are rightfully ours too far from our reach.

When we perceive issues from the spiritual angle, we will understand that every action undertaken by others, painful or not, is geared towards shaping and molding us to be fit for what we are destined and this will inspire us

to live lives full of optimism and hope. This abounds peace in your soul and gathers you a solid foundation of emotional intelligence. It keeps your focus very sharp and thus draws the realization of your dreams quicker than they could have come; prematurely.

What we may have acquired is sufficient and ideal for the time we are on. Rejection has its own time and occurs because what you are personally expecting is less than what the spirit is to deposit in your life. All of these things are not determined by a person but rather the person is used to spark that effect. They are determined by grace.

Stop pointing fingers, they are pointing at a false target, what we should be focusing on is the lessons we are earning in our own individual lives. Blaming others derails us from the path of greatness. Gaze first at your contribution on the matter burdening your emotions and mind the choices you make. Scrutinize every behavior before indulging on it. Your successes or failures are fruits of the decisions you make amidst emotional atonements of the pain experienced.

My Mentor, Kabelo Daddy Kwape, out of the blues, elucidated my father’s statement that I am my own enemy. He said; “No one should ever quit their job because they have a bad manager. One should only leave a company either because of employment contract maturity or dismissal. What if you resign, and whilst your resignation is still with Human Capital for approval, the bad manager finds greener pastures and leaves the organisation. What would you have gained out of your actions?”  Life begins first in the spiritual realm then manifests in the physical. Thus, we need to be mindful of what we place on our faith, which is our thoughts and beliefs, furthermore, be staunched on the ultimate goal you aspire to achieve and live. Remember each time that you are your worst enemy.

*Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (Download e-copy on KINDLE AMAZON), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian. Contact him on  Website:

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