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Body20 triples workout in half the time

Body20’s application is the most holistic health & fitness offering in the world
Finding the motivation to go to the gym everyday is not high on everyone’s priority list.

For example, myself between working and studying, I just don’t have time to devote some hours to working out.

For many years, I made New Year’s resolutions promising that I am finally going to get fit, eat well and train hard. But that January momentum wore off and I was always back to square one.

So, when the first Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) gym in Botswana, Body20 asked if I wanted to get EMS training a go for four weeks, I was gladly all over it. Located in Gaborone’s uptown mall, Sebele Centre, Body20 introduces an unparalleled and smarter fitness alternative in Botswana.

Body20 fitness studio offers an effective special type of advanced technology means to workout without necessarily having to spend several hours a week at the gym in order to lose a few kilos and get into shape. A 20-minute training session at Body20 is equivalent to hours and hours of a normal workout and this explains why this fitness revolution is changing the industry.

Being a lifestyle reporter who likes to explore new avenues, I thought the invitation to try EMS at Body20 studios was something I could try and write about. I was told on the phone that this progressive style of exercise could get results in a matter of weeks and the best part was that the sessions are only 20 minutes long.

EMS is a new way to workout without having to spend hours in the gym. Just one or two 20-minute sessions a week is all it takes for one to have a body people will share on social media with the caption, ‘Goals!’ It works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to contract one’s muscles while they are working out. To cut the long story short, EMS triples the workout in half the time.

Now let me tell you what happened when I first visited Body20 EMS training studio. I have to be honest, I was a bit anxious walking into my first appointment. I passed by one studio and saw a man sweating and he was hooked on to a machine. I wondered what the fuss was all about since he was not lifting any weights. Little did I know, that the machine sends impulses to his body, and that’s where the challenge was.

I was given a training gear and after being put into a vest with cords hooked to it, a strap around my arms and legs I finally headed to the training studio where I was connected to some digital machine. Before that I had filled up a form that required me to answer standard questions about my


After turning the machine on my trainer started with various strength exercises like squats and bicep curls. That’s when I started to feel some faint impulses coming through each part of my body. At first the impulses felt like a thousand needles striking me at once. Suddenly it felt like a massage, so I got to admit it is a very bizarre sensation but it is not painful.

As my body started warming up to the impulses I began to sweat and my trainer kept telling me to try one more time as he counted to three. After some intense sweating and training hard my workout was over. I couldn’t believe how fast the session went and I didn’t even notice because I wanted to keep going. After my first session, I felt the muscle burn straight away and continued to ache for the rest of the weekend particularly in my biceps and legs. Two days later I returned to the studio for a cardio and it was much intense than the strength session I had before. I am now feeling, as fine as ever so I will bring the verdict after two weeks.

Basically, Body20’s application is the most holistic health & fitness offering in the world, leveraging EMS training and full body assessment technologies to provide the most advanced technology training workouts in only 20 minutes, while actively tracking members’ results. According to the EMS fitness franchise Body20 utilises an InBody Assessment technological body assessment tool that is used to establish a baseline for each client’s body compositions that includes results on the client’s body fat percentage and lean mass content amongst other valuable information. This advanced approach also allows members to accurately track their results, monitor muscle imbalances and identify body fat to strategically target critical areas with technology driven training to achieve maximum results.

Furthermore, Body20’s EMS training is comparatively passive and can be adapted to the abilities and needs of the individual, thus opening it up to anyone, regardless of their age or current fitness level. It offers a means to get fit, lose weight, tone up, improve cardio performances, reduce cellulite, or strengthen, build or increase muscle definition, and is even suitable as a form of physiotherapy to assist patients who are recovering from an illness, an operation, or an injury. It also helps with the correction of muscular imbalances, strengthens your core, improves posture and relieves back pain. What is exceptional about this type of training is that it doesn’t require the use of heavy weights and therefore it places no strain on joints or ligaments.




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