UDC, AP, BPF Bedfellows

AP president Ndaba Gaolathe
Last Saturday was a historic day in Botswana politics as main opposition, Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Alliance for Progressives (AP) and Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) announced cooperation.

The parties would be cooperating in a bid to remove Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) from power.

Indeed there are no permanent enemies in politics.

Who would have ever thought Ian Khama would one day be called ‘Comrade’ by the same people who promised him a home in jail for years during his tenure? Who would have ever thought Margaret Nasha would stand under the same umbrella as Khama?

A majority of members left the BDP because of Khama, they also left UDC member, the Botswana Movement for Democracy bruised, and now they are all headed for the same blanket.

“The parties agreed on general principles on cooperation in by-elections, which will be presented to the parties before a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed. The parties further agreed to go and engage their members and structures on broader cooperation towards 2024 general elections as the next step after the signing of the MoU,” chairperson of the cooperation forum Nasha said.

She added the bedfellows agreed that their parties

collaborate through the holding of Joint Caucuses at Parliamentary and Council levels, with a view to moving the opposition agenda forward.

Currently, there are three vacant council seats. They are yet to be filled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations that have halted plans.

Nasha announced that the parties agreed that there be a People’s Court session, which will be on October 24, 2020. Through this event, evidence on election rigging that took place in the 2019 General Election will be shared with the nation and the International Community.

The parties also decided to call upon all those who believe in democracy to wear black on October 23 and 24, to symbolise the death of democracy, as a result of the rigging that took place on the election days last year.

Nasha also revealed that in all their meetings decisions would be made by consensus. Where there is a deadlock, the matter shall be referred to the presidents of the negotiating parties.





Rules are made to be broken.

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