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Monna O Motona BW’s famous cat Milo ‘killed’

The five-year-old cat was owned by a local comedian Monna O Motona BW and featured in many of his videos
Earlier this week the creative industry woke up to the sad news of the death of country’s only cat Milo.

This five-year-old cat was owned by a local comedian, Monna O Motona BW and featured in many of his videos.

“Milo passed away on October 12, 2020. Unknown people in the neighbourhood of Mmadinare ‘murdered’ him. Milo was more like my firstborn child that is how close we were. We had a father and son chemistry or relationship. I know it sounds weird but that is how we were close. I shot my first comedy video with Milo in November 2016. He featured in over 60 videos on my page,” Monna O Motona poured out his heart to Arts & Culture in an interview. He added that his cat was not just an ordinary one saying he trained it to pose without being pushed and was a disciplined comedian cat and actor just like him. He stated that Milo left behind a seven-

months old baby named after him (Baby Milo). Monna O Motona added that he had been training Baby Milo to partake in his videos, but moaned that it lacked its father’s brilliance and aptitude.

He however said Baby Milo would soon be stepping in his father’s shoes.

Furthermore, he explained that it would not be easy to get over his cat’s untimely death, but promised to recollect himself and move on saying comedy was his life, as his followers need more of his work. He also stated that he was nominated for this year’s BW People’s Socialite category. He said it motivates him because it shows how influential his comedy was to the public.  “Expect more of me this year. I am also looking forward to challenging international comedian Trevor Noah. I hope he accepts my proposal there in America,” he added. 




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