UDC's Makhura defects to BDP

PALAPYE: Veteran councillor for Morupule Ward in the Palapye constituency, Jordan Makhura has quit the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) and joined the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Makhura was successfully elected council for Morupule Ward three consecutive times since the 2009 general elections under the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) ticket.

He is known to be amongst the most outspoken councillors in the Palapye Administration Authority sub-district council and the Central District Council.

His defection comes after a lengthy speculation that he would be leaving the umbrella. His younger brother, George Makhura left the opposition coalition two months ago and joined the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF).

The general expectation was that senior Makhura would follow his brother to the BPF when he pulled a move that would surprise many people. BPF has been in an aggressive recruitment drive in the Central District. 

When confirming his defection to the ruling party, the veteran politician said he had noted that the BDP under the current regime of President Mokgweetsi Masisi carried the initiatives that with support and implementation would benefit the nation. 

On the other hand, Makhura said he had given up on the opposition for failing to unite as per the interests of Batswana. He foresees the upsurge of BPF as a future problem for opposition unity.

“What is happening with the BPF is similar to what happened with the BMD (Botswana Movement for Democracy). BPF is recruiting, while the UDC is quiet. My experience tells me that with the numbers the BPF is going to pressure and divide the coalition come next general election,” he said.

Makhura admitted that the BPF had approached him, but he figured the BDP was in a better position to drive the interests of Batswana. He said he

was changing the political colours but not his advocacy for the people.

“Over the years, I have opposed many things and agreed to others, and I will continue to speak the same for my constituency and Batswana in general,” he said.

“In the short period since the new BDP regime took over, I have drawn many positives in the direction the President is driving the initiatives in place for the nation. Given the support, Batswana can benefit,” he added before he revealed that he would not be contesting the next general elections.

Palapye BDP branch chairperson Gaesi Morake confirmed the arrival of Makhura at the ruling party. He regarded Makhura as a very influential politician in the constituency.

He said the arrival of a politician of Makhura’s stature in their party was a sign that the perception harboured by other parties that the BDP was crumbling in the central district was far-fetched. 

Morake said the BDP was also on a robust recruitment drive in the region.

“Rre Makhura is a big catch honestly, and his arrival is a sign that the BDP is well and alive in the region. We are recruiting constituents and leaders, and we are doing great,” he said.

“This is a man who has served honestly and spoken for his people and the nation. I believe he left the opposition because he sees the truth where the BDP and President Masisi wish to take this nation to,” Morake added.

Makhura joined BDP after the ruling party this week lost the Serorome East councillor, Daniel Mogale who defected to the BPF.




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