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'Land Audit Will Expose Corrupt Politicians'

'Land Audit Will Expose Corrupt Politicians'
The land audit of the Compensation In-Kind Policy in Mogoditshane that took off in January 2020 has been completed and the report has been handed to Kefentse Mzwinila, Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services.

The report is expected to expose Land Board officials, politicians, business people and individuals who acted corruptly since the policy was implemented in early 2019.

Early last year, Mogoditshane Sub-Land Board started implementing the policy where one had to surrender their ploughing field and get six residential plots per hectare as compensation. Midway through the year, the policy was reviewed and individuals were handed two plots per hectare.

While residents were happy that the move would enable them to improve, a new trend of land grabbers emerged ultimately leading to the suspension of the programme. It was reported that the land authority was receiving an influx of people buying the ploughing fields at around P100, 000 a hectare and selling all or most of the six residential plots for about P250, 000 each.

Even though an official response was yet to be received from the land ministry, Mogoditshane legislator Tumiso Rakgare and his Gabane-Mmankgodi counterpart, Kagiso Mmusi said they were made aware that the audit was complete and has been handed to Mzwinila.

“I am very happy with the audit because it will expose wrong doings. Though the policy had good intentions, some people including politicians took advantage and abused it. They will now be exposed,” Rakgare said.

“It is also worth noting that even though I agree with compensating people, I am equally worried that people were being compensated with a lot of land while some people have been on the waiting list since 1993. I hope the audit report will deal with questions raised.” Rakgare added he was happy that the report was finally completed as many people have been complaining that waiting was causing complications to their lives. He said they would be waiting for the Minister to share the report and advise on a way forward.

Mmusi also said he was happy the audit was


“I understand the minister has the report and will share it soon. We are looking forward to the findings and hope they are shared soon so our people can continue with their lives. It has taken way too long and a lot of our people have been complaining about complications this has caused them,” he said. In an interview with Land Resolution, a committee representing those falling under Mogoditshane Sub-Land Board early this year vice chairperson, Game Sengwatse said there were transparency issues and “we want to know how they do things”.

“Some people who handed in land in October have already been allocated their plots while some who handed over in April are yet to have their plots. Others are told will get their plots in batches, which is unfair,” Sengwatse said.

A savingram from Kweneng Land Board Secretary, E. Moanametsi announcing the audit in February called on Mogoditshane Sub-Land Board to bring its final recommendations concerning review of the Compensation In-Kind Policy, which is currently in place.

“The Sub-Land Board is further instructed to submit a detailed report on land acquired after the introduction of Compensation In-Kind Policy, detailing the total number of plots generated from such land, total number of plots allocated to various groups (land rights owners, their children, those in the waiting list etc). The report should also indicate the amount of land lost to allocations made to land right owners. Furthermore, the report should provide guidance that will enhance the Main Land Board to make an informed decision,” the savingram reads.

Moanametsi further instructed with immediate effect, the Sub-Land Board to halt inviting applicants for interviews, considering their applications, physical allocations and any other related activities (transfers, change of use, consolidation, sub leasing) until the review of recommendations has been considered and approved by the Kweneng Land Board.




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