'Trusted' Kemolebale explains technology pull

Time was when installing satellite dishes in Batswana views’ homes, was the in thing with almost every rooftop adorned with a satellite dish to enable viewership of the very best in local and international sports and entertainment satellite-TV.

But, a lot had changed, Chris Kemolebale, MultiChoice Botswana installer observed with nostalgia.

When he first started connecting viewers to satellite-TV, it was via old-fashioned TV aerials. There were no satellite dishes back then. Only two MultiChoice channels were available to viewers, namely M-Net and SuperSport.

The channels were viewed with something akin to religiosity.

“That was 28 years ago!” Kemolebale laughs sagely.

“Things are very different today. We have cutting-edge satellite dishes and decoders, and many, many more channels to choose from as a result of this improved hardware,” he offers.

Kemolebale has always had an interest in technology and mechanics. As a young child he would make wire cars, adding lights and powering them with batteries to motorise the cars, much to the awe of his buddies.

It was in the early 1990s that the idea of working with new emerging satellite-TV technology first piqued his interest.

In 1992, precisely,  when Kemolebale started working with MultiChoice Botswana it soon dawned on him that TV technology has completely ensnared him.  Over time, he built a solid relationship with MultiChoice staff.

This was because, he reflected then, it wasn’t only the technological aspect that interested him, but the customer side of the business too.

“The relationships I get to build with the families who invite me into their homes to connect them to the DStv service is invaluable.

When you deal with people, you become part of their family,” Kemolebale confirms, reticently pointing to a widely held sentiment whispered behind closed doors and beaming screens amongst contented MultiChoice Botswana customers, that he is more than just an installer, but a trusted friend. Someone they can always rely on.

In fact, over the years Kemolebale has become such an integral part of the MultiChoice team, that customers as far away as Francistown pay for him to travel to their homes from Gaborone to handle

their installations.

This bears testimony to the absolute love he has for his job, and for making customers happy.

“I enjoy a good challenge.

 A big part of keeping our customers happy is being able to tackle any challenge an installation throws at you. The best part is seeing that crystal clear DStv picture on the screen and a smile on our customers’ faces,” Kemolebale explains, adding that he pushes himself to do better with each and every installation, constantly striving to help improve customers’ DStv experience. Enhancing the customer experience is a major focus for MultiChoice Botswana and its installers; a key objective behind the recent launch of the company’s new online portal, the Installer Eco-System.

Designed in direct response to customers’ requests for seamless, uniform, traceable and consistent installations, the Installer Eco-System helps resolve obstacles around installations encountered early on in new customers’ journey with MultiChoice.

It also allows the company to track customers’ interactions with installers to ensure high levels of customer service are consistently maintained.

The system doesn’t only benefit customers, but installers too by ensuring new installation projects are only channelled towards accredited installers like Kemolebale.

Such people must first register on the portal for them to be eligible for work. Being an entirely new process, MultiChoice Botswana invested in training to help installers understand the new system and how to use it.

“This has helped to empower us as installers,”  Kemolebale nods his approval. 

“The training has expanded our knowledge of new technology, plus it ensures we use the system correctly to secure new work, which we really need at this time.

This is also very different from what I have been used to over the past 28 years with MultiChoice, but it is good, as it helps keep installers on track and accountable, ensuring we all do excellent work, all the time.”




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