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Dance Guru uses social media to build online portfolio

Dance Guru
Gorata Lionel Kulube, who goes by the stage name Dance Guru, is making waves in digital platforms by streaming videos that showcase his talent.

There are many ways to showcase one’s talent, be it through concerts or street performances, but in difficult times when audiences are stuck home, artists are finding ways to keep their fans entertained.

“When people began to realise my talent, I got invited to weddings as a dance performance facilitator and that’s when I got motivated to create a page in digital platforms precisely Facebook and YouTube, said the Manyana-born artist.

“This has helped me to make a living without necessarily depending on artists,” Dance Guru told Arts & Culture.

Dance Guru made a breakthrough in 2016 when he collaborated with Kabelo Skavenja Tiro as his background dance performer. This opportunity catapualted him into professionalism and it also came with them facilitating the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology students with their gleeful choreographic experience.

Dance Guru has been uploading his videos on Facebook and YouTube with Jack Botlhoko’s assistance and the latter takes care of the filming part (video production).

“My market has grown tremendously because I have over 5,000 views on YouTube for the No Fura dance video. My Facebook page has also gathered over 7,000 views and all the appreciation goes to my genuine supporters and all

gratitude to Jack Botlhoko who stunningly shot my videos,’’ he said.

Lively and authentic, Dance Guru has worked with some local comedians in the entertainment industry like Penene Ponono, Rayman aka Ntonka and Minestrone Soup. He boasted that the Dance Guru stable has won him more wedding choreography gigs than before and he continues to strive to reach more market.

“I am currently working on releasing another dance video and assembling a dance crew as a way to groom talent because there are a lot of gifted youth who do not have someone gearing them to the right path to nourish and grow their talent,” he said. Dance Guru added that dancing refreshes his body, spirit and gives him a sense of belonging. Equally, working hard and taking what he does seriously have earned him recognition in the hearts of so many individuals as he was able to turn his talent into something tangible.

“Put more labour in what you do best and people will come to you,’’ Dance Guru advised other performers.

The dancer, who holds a degree in Computer Science from Botho University, revealed that he started dancing when he was eight years-old.




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