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Mokgweetsi O Emisitse Mosepele

Professor Mosepele Mosepele
Even though the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) news is never pleasant, Batswana fathom they have a choice in the bearer of such news.

It appears Batswana’s preferred bearer of COVID-19 news is none other than Professor Mosepele Mosepele.

Mosepele, the deputy coordinator of the Presidential COVID- 19 Task Team, shocked many when he tendered his resignation on Friday.

This was reminiscent of a short movie-like script, as the resignation was made on the same day the coordinator of the Presidential COVID-19 Task Team, Dr Kereng Masupu informed the public that a support staff member had tested positive for the virus after showing flu-like symptoms. 

This subsequently led to the closure of the task team office while members got tested. Still reeling in the shock of Mosepele’s resignation, speculation was rife that Mosepele, who is loved by many for his eloquence and thorough presentation skills, was frustrated because things were not done according to the book.

The First Citizen could also not conceal his sentiments when he disapproved of Mosepele’s resignation, issuing a statement through his press secretary Batlhalefi Leagajang to the effect that he acknowledged receipt of Mosepele’s resignation, but did not accept it.

In the press release, the President announced that he had scheduled a meeting with ‘the people’s bae’ to discuss the letter. The nation was anxious of the outcome on Saturday with many expressing sadness after reports circulated of their ‘beloved professor’ that he was nowhere to be seen.

While a press

release from the task team carried sad news to the effect that Masupu, scientific advisor to the team Dr Mogomotsi Matshaba and six others from the COVID-19 Task Team office had tested positive for the virus, seeing Mosepele’s signature appended soothed many people’s hearts.

The nation would minutes later celebrate the return of their favourite COVID-19 news bearer as Leagajang issued a statement to the effect that Mosepele had rescinded his resignation and was now acting coordinator in the absence of Masupu.

Quizzed about Mosepele’s meeting with Masisi, Leagajang said he was not privy to reasons behind his tendered resignation in the first place.

Leagajang, however, said he believed after an assessment, it was found that there is no need to share the reasons with the public. He said the most important thing is that they [Masisi and Mosepele] met and the latter agreed to stay.

It is alleged that Mosepele was unhappy with the relationship between the task team and government on approach in the fight against the pandemic.

Besides being an eloquent speaker, Mosepele looks set to have such colourful curriculum vitae that would not be surprising if it could bring lucrative offers outside the country his way.

He is currently an associate professor who focuses on internal medicine and infectious diseases at the University of Botswana.




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