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How Truckers Evade Quarantine

Dr Lemogang Kwape has advised truck drivers to follow rules
While for a long time Botswana has been seen to be doing exceptionally well in dealing with the novel coronavirus (COVID- 19), it has now emerged that truck drivers bringing goods into the country have found loopholes to undermine the system and skip quarantine.

Following the development, Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Lemogang Kwape has called on truck drivers and all other Batswana to self police as well as monitor others as it has emerged that some truck drivers avoid quarantine.

Even though it has not been said how an Oodi truck driver went home without being quarantined, sources claim it is not a difficult job for truckers to avoid quarantine.

“Truck drivers are fed up with how they are treated when doing their job and do not want to be quarantined. They take advantage of shortage of the Police escorts and after being escorted to their delivery places some decide to head home as there is nobody to take them into quarantine,” an insider said.

According to the source, despite there being border jumpers, the recent surge in cases could be due to truck drivers who head home when they are supposed to be quarantined assuming they are safe.

Tlokweng Police Station commander, assistant superintendent Unoziba Rari said their role is to take the truckers to their delivery stations where they hand them to health and safety (SHE) officers.

“It is then for SHE officer to hand those

who are to be quarantined to health authorities. It is however unfortunate that some still find ways to avoid quarantine,” Rari said.

Rari said they have thus far charged three truck drivers for the offence in Tlokweng. He said the three were charged P1,000 each and then quarantined.

Dr Kwape has since said the trend is worrisome and called on all to look out after another.

“Everyone should be their brother’s keeper and not want to be policed to help us fight COVID- 19. The Police escort them and then hand them to SHE officers at the establishments they are delivering at,” Dr Kwape said.

“Foreigners would then be escorted out of the country while Batswana are to be taken into quarantine. It is unfortunate that some find it okay to apply any tricks and risk spreading the virus.”

The Minister called on the truck drivers to follow the rules as well as report their colleagues when they are aware of such behaviour.

Dr Kwape further urged family members, colleagues and friends of truck drivers and indeed anyone else who disobeys COVID- 19 regulations to advise them accordingly and report to authorities where necessary.




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