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Accounts graduates turn to catering

Pitso and Rakgare’s banting plate starts from P30 because they strongly believe that no one should be priced out of eating well
Two young ladies each holding accounting qualifications have decided to join hands and turn their mutual love for cooking into a business.

The decision came after the pair did not find jobs after graduation due to high unemployment rate in the country.

 In an interview with one of the co-owners of their business, Talita Pitso, she said Banting Foodie was a registered catering company owned by two young Batswana ladies based in Gaborone. She explained that they started their company early this year with a vision to turn their passion for cooking into a business.

 “Banting is simply reducing carbs and cutting out unhealthy and heavily processed foods. Due to lack of employment in the country, we teamed up to start a low carb diet business. Banting Foodie started after we realised that there were no enough low carb foods in the market and we found it fit to do something about the void. We serve ultra low carb, tasty, convenient, healthy affordable banting foods including everything you had to throw out of your pantry or kitchen when you started banting,” she further explained.

 She further stated that their foods were prepared according to their four guiding principles being nutrition, convenience, taste and affordability. Their banting meals are designed to fit a busy lifestyle, can be made on a pinch and easy to store.  The duo make a variety of foods and their ingredients are often more expensive than the high carb diet. Pitso said they are always working to make sure their meals are more affordable. She added that their banting plate starts from P30 because they strongly believe that no

one should be priced out of eating well.

 “Since banting requires commitment, determination and discipline, we have monthly and weekly subscriptions, which cost P800 and P200 respectively inclusive of delivery fee. Batswana have shown us enormous support ever since we started this business and as a way of giving back to the community we stock mostly from Batswana-owned companies. We buy vegetables from Yamikani and meat from Lesego and Meat Hub,” she revealed.

 Pitso further explained that their main business challenge is transport as they do office deliveries. She added that they operate using a cab and that is costly. As Banting Foodie grew, she said they introduced chopped veges suitable for those with busy lifestyle but the core values of nutrition, convenience, taste and affordability remains the same.

 “The biggest highlight of our business was making a low carb platter for 20 guests and the feedback was amazing. Banting Foodie also serves high carb meals (starch) on regular basis, we also have subscribers under these meals,” Pitso further revealed.

 Pitso is an Associate Accounting Technician from Botswana Accountancy College. She also holds a certificate of Proficiency in short term Insurance. For her, cooking has always been a passion and she finds joy in the kitchen because it has been therapeutic to her.

 Her partner Tebogo Rakgare on the other hand holds Bachelor of Sciences (honors) in Accounting from Botho University. Cooking to her was a hobby which has now turned into a passion driving their business to succeed.




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