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Crimes Of Passion Rob Lasting Peace

Crimes Of Passion Rob Lasting Peace
Despite peace and tolerance being synonymous with Botswana, a series of murders in the name of passion often referred to as ‘passion killings,’ have not been reflective of the standard of serenity.

Each report of a woman’s death at the hands of her man seems to be what follows the lull before the next such storm.

Weeks ago, charred remains of a woman were found in a vehicle at Kaduwe lands near Jwaneng in an incident that the police did not rule out as an act of passion killing.

Then, the police received a report that a vehicle had been involved in an accident and was on fire.

Police rushed to the scene and found the body of a woman burnt beyond recognition on the passenger seat of a Honda Fit.

Days later, her boyfriend, who was with her that day, was arrested for her murder.

Whilst the country was still reeling in shock from the gruesome death, another report followed a week later. The police recorded yet another murder of a 24-year-old nurse stationed at Bamalete Lutheran Hospital in Ramotswa. 

She was found dead in her bedroom, allegedly killed by her 40-year-old boyfriend.

In another case, last week Tuesday another woman was allegedly stabbed several times to death by her boyfriend at Shashemooke village. The man was arraigned before the Francistown Magistrate’s Court on Thursday to face a single count of murder.

The police have raised alarm and displayed their grave concerns over such murder incidents, despite

efforts to avail resources in troubled relationships.

The Botswana Police Service’s public relations officer, assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube called on lovers to seek help when troubled to avoid unnecessary killings.

Motube told The Monitor murder cases remained a challenge despite their continued efforts to curb the offences.

He stated that frightening anger and failure to control emotions seemed to be a doorway to the alarming cases of violent crimes such as murder.

“Women continue to lose their lives at the hands of their lovers.

 For years we have been talking and sensitising the public, holding forums targeting men to sensitise them about crime in general,” Motube said.

“It is of serious concern that despite our efforts (over the past years ), murder cases remain a concern.

Ga gona ntlo ee sa neng, people should learn to talk things over, seek help to resolve their differences without the use of violence.”

Motube urged people to respect the sanctity of life and avoid settling disputes through violent means, but that seems to be falling upon deaf ears.

Furthermore, Motube said most perpetrators, who are mostly men, usually lost courage and eventually resorted to suicide instead of taking accountability for their actions.

He called on lovers not to bottle up feelings when troubled to avoid taking uninformed decisions.




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