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How Monthe's Home Town Pizza Is Tranforming Local Eatery

How Monthe's Home Town Pizza Is Tranforming Local Eatery
When one recommends best pizza joints in the country, Roman’s Pizza and Debonairs always come up at the top of the list.

However, this is about to change as there is a new pizzaiolo in the market.  With just less than P1k in his pocket, Tshepho Monthe has managed to turn around his story and start his own naturally flavoured homemade pizza named  'home town pizza'.

At his pizza outlet, which is located on the roadside by Kumakwane, Monthe has created a brand of cost-effective pizza that are prepared using portable wood fire oven.

“I have worked in several restaurants including Roman’s Pizza, Debonairs, Dros to mention a few and was always passionate about cooking. 

After quitting my job I decided to use the little money I had to start my business,” Monthe explained.

Monthe told BusinessMonitor  he started by searching on the internet on ways of starting a pizza business and realised that electrical ovens were expensive.

“I then opted to do pizza the traditional way. I searched on YouTube to learn about making an oven that uses traditional wood which I thought would be cost-effective.

“I then constructed the whole workstation and sold my first pizza in December last year," he added.

Currently, he provides five pizza flavours including the famous Mexican, chicken, chicken

and pineapple, and vegetarian and steak. He also makes salads, coffees and grills.

The pizza outlet was recently talk of the town on social networking platform including Facebook with many Batswana having received the memo to support local businesses.

On a busy day, Monthe sells more than 100 pizzas with her biggest clientele being people from Gaborone, Thamaga, Mmankgodi  and Kumakwane residents as well as people en-route to various destinations.

According to Monthe, his location is strategically positioned as he serves a market his competitors cannot reach.

“I would say I don’t have competitors  because they are all in Gaborone, some kilometres away from me.  People still prefer my pizza because of the way I naturally cook them using firewood as it gives them a natural flavour,” he said.

On his future plans, Monthe said he wants to expand his business, grow his brand and have some franchises.

He also hopes to increase his workforce from the existing three that he already has.

Equally, Monthe also has plans to approach financial institutions and Local Enterprise Authority to seek ways of being assisted in spreading his wings and making his business professional.




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