Morupisi pleads not guilty

Pinny and Carter Morupisi PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES
Former Permanent Secretary to the President Carter Morupisi and his wife Pinny Morupisi have pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption and money laundering levelled against them by the state.

The duo appeared today before High Court Justice, Christopher Gabanage, but as the case was scheduled to commence, a new amended charge sheet was read to the accused persons and they were allowed to plead.

Morupisi is facing three counts of offences alleged to be in connection to the misappropriation of funds from the Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF). 

He is charged together with his wife and the company, R7 Group that she is a director of.

According to the amended charge sheet, Morupisi is charged with two counts of corruption while in the third count of money laundering, he is charged together with his wife and the company.

Particulars of the offence on count one is that, the accused person Morupisi whilst employed as Director of Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) serving as a public officer who held a position of board chairman for Botswana Public Officer (BPOPF) on or about November 2014 in Gaborone without final resolution of the board and in abuse of his public office as chairman of BPOPF whilst the board was on suspension, corruptly signed a contract with Capital Management Botswana (CMB) on behalf of BPOPF authorising CMB to administer BPOPF funds as private equity managers and in the process obtained valuable consideration for himself and his wife’s company.

On count two

of corruption also, contrary to section 26 of Corruption and Economic Crime Act, Morupisi is accused of authorising CMB to administer BPOPF funds as private equity managers without the final resolution of the board and acting together with the wife in her personal capacity and in her capacity as the director of R7 Group that on or about May 15, 2017 received valuable consideration to wit, a Land Cruiser valued at P630 988.99 for himself and his wife’s company. 

On the last count of money laundering, Morupisi, his wife and R7 Group are accused of receiving and converting to personal use a Toyota Land Cruiser pickup bought from South Africa whilst they knew or had reasonable grounds for knowing or suspecting that the said car was derived or bought in a whole or in part directly or indirectly from the commission of the offence, to wit corruption by a public officer.

He was initially charged with three counts, which were abuse of office, acceptance of bribe by a public officer and money laundering while the wife was charged with same count of money laundering she is facing now. 

The case continues tomorrow morning as it was postponed at the request of both prosecution and defence. 

Busang Manewe represents Morupisi and wife while Priscilla Israel represents the State.




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