KBL provides Chibuku imbibers with sharing cups

Announcing during an event in which KBL donated shield masks to various government ministries, Madisa (left) announced that each carton of Chibuku would come with three cups PIC: PHATSHIMO KAPENG
As part of their COVID-19 prevention measures and initiatives, Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL) has announced Chibuku imbibers will continue their sharing spirit through the introduction of three cups per carton

The Chibuku brand is synonymous with sharing, friendship and cultural heritage so in keeping with that spirit, KBL has revealed that it does want to completely kill the bonds of brotherhood, hence the new initiative.

This is a product that is steeped in history and culture of Batswana and other Africans. Shake-Shake, as it’s popularly known, is packaged in cartons and is guzzled straight from the one litre vessel.

A box of Chibuku is normally shared by a dozen of guys, including ba ba tshwarang mogoma, over a light conversation in keeping with the long entrenched sharing spirit.

Announcing during an event in which KBL donated shield masks to various government ministries, Head of Corporate Affairs at the brewery, Masegonyana Madisa said statistics show that Chibuku consumers share a lot during drinking sessions.

“This is a product which gathers a lot of people in one place and they end up sharing. It’s in our culture,” he said.

Madisa further said by providing cups per carton during the sale of Chibuku, KBL is avoiding a situation where customers share and risk contracting COVID-19 infection.

“It is meant for sharing yes, but this time around we are trying to teach them a new kind of sharing as part of the new normal. Each one will still enjoy but from their own separate cup,” he highlighted.

Madisa further disclosed that each carton

of Chibuku will come with three cups.

He explained that the cups won’t be limited to Chibuku only, but a few will be extended to drinkers of 750ml quarts of beer who also have a penchant to share, which entail utilising the only orifice the bottle has.

“It’s an issue of money at the moment, but if we can we will provide more cups for quart lovers,” he said.

He said he has observed that people who like drinking beer from quarts have cut the sharing a bit since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world.

Despite drinking from the comfort of their homes, people are still clinging to the idea of sharing and holding true to the spirit of sharing.

It is close to impossible to see a person drinking Chibuku or quart alone because they are shared drinks. They are the true epitomes of brotherhood and normally when the last drop is swigged, another round will roll, with everybody having an equal opportunity to buy.

Besides the arrangement,  KBL has also decided to sensitise Batswana to drink at home through various advertisements.

“These adverts are over and above our initiatives to sensitise, educate and put some sense into our customers to take the responsibility to only go the outlets to buy alcohol and return and enjoy in the comfort of your homes,” Madisa further revealed.




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