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New Videographer Brand Hits Botswana

New Videographer Brand Hits Botswana
If you have seen the latest music videos of ATI’s Stimamolelo, Sasa Klaas’s The best Things, Baxon’s Thug Cry and MMP Family you will know that there is a new brand making waves in the country called CYC JOUZY.

There are so many videographers in Botswana who are already household names but this is a brand that is redefining music videos.

Thebe Kegomodistwe of the CYC JOUZY has become unique because of his intricate and skilful close-up shots that place the viewer in an alternate reality.

His ability to incorporate close zooms and still frames is virtually unrivalled. These skills are improved by transitions that capitalise on Kegomoditswe’s intentionally shaky camera resulting in some of the purest videography out there.

Looking back, Kegomoditswe told Showtime in an interview that he started shooting visuals in 2013 after completing his Form 5. “I have always loved art and I did well in art from primary school level until high school. Then in 2014, I started making my art digital. I could not afford to pay for a Photoshoot, Video Shoot or Graphics, but I really needed the visuals, so I taught myself how to do everything, through YouTube and practice,” he said. 

Kegomoditswe added that the same year in 2014 he enrolled at Limkokwing University to study BA in Creative Multimedia. He revealed that his academic journey at University is where he learnt a lot about his passion.

“I started working with musicians and small businesses while I was still at Limkokwing so that by the time I graduated, I already had a four-year working experience. And that’s what happened,” he further


Kegomoditswe also added that he built the CYC JOUZY brand over years. He said he started the Facebook page in 2010 and it was called JOUZY ENTERTAINMENT then. “Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing with the brand but as time went  on (and by), I merged my work with my passion and that’s how it became what it is today,” he said.

Kegomoditswe further indicated that most of the time he works alone but he has a team he calls in every time they have a big production.

“The music video industry in Botswana is still growing because we never really had it as an independent industry. We are industrialising it right now. And I would like to thank Jack Botlhoko, Owen Bands, Remmogo Visuals, Director Mo and other videographers out there who are contributing to the growth of the industry,” he gladly said.

He said for them to get paid well, the artists have to be paid well first. Kegomoditswe said they are also advocating for artists and the creative industry to be recognised by relevant authorities so that they grow and sell Botswana to the world.

“My aspiration for the CYC JOUZY brand is to help build local artists and sell our beautiful country to the world. We already have quality music and quality visuals. It is upon ourselves to push boundaries,” he concluded.





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