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Promoter Comes Up With Appreciation Awards

Gilbert Seagile
Following his campaign, which pushed for local content to get 70% airplay on local radio stations, promoter Gilbert ‘PP Wa Pimp’ Seagile is bringing awards to recognise the stakeholders for heeding his call.

According to the renowned promoter, the awards are meant to appreciate a wide range of stakeholders including broadcasters, print media houses and journalists for supporting domestic content productions.

The awards are slated for December 5 this year and they will take place annually.

He said since his campaign, which was meant to also influence policy change in terms of giving local content more airplay has been successful in part, as broadcasters have bended to accommodate his wish.

PP wa Pimp, as he is commonly called in the music industry, said there has been a huge change as broadcasters such as Gabs FM and Yarona FM have adopted his campaign.

“We have been advocating for local content to get 70% airplay. Government is also adopting the idea. Those who have done something about it and increased local airplay must be recognised

and appreciated for their efforts. The awards are basically meant for that so that they are encouraged to keep doing it,” said Seagile.

Seagile further said they are looking for sponsors for this awards. “The awards are hosted by Gilbert Promotions. At this moment, we do not have sponsors yet but we trust that stakeholders such as MYSC, Brand Botswana and COSBOTS will come on board,” he added.

Seagile stated that it has shown that the country has enough local content and is ready to change the long standing policy under which foreign content receives 60% air space and local songs only get 40%.

The awards were initially slated for October 10, but were forced to postpone due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The events industry has been suspended since April amidst fears of spread of COVID-19.




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