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UDC rallies behind Saleshando

Dumelang Saleshando PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES
Press Statement: The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has noted the spurious and defamatory allegations levelled against its Vice President, Cde Dumelang Saleshando. We have also noted the statement issued by him.

As the UDC we give our unwavering support to our VP and are disturbed but not surprised by this trend. Before the elections, the President of the UDC, Cde Duma Boko was the daily target of the ruling BDP social media propagandists. The maligning of Cde Boko and the spreading of untruths about him went on up to now.

The focus has now turned to Cde Saleshando. His only sin is to expose corruption that strolls boldly in the government corridors. We welcome his decision to allow himself to be subjected to investigation regarding these allegations.

It not only an act of cowardice by BDP but also a strategy to push back and divert attention from the serious

allegations on corruption making rounds about the country's president.

The "attack on the attackers of corruption" is a backward and disingenuous strategy. The media has also not been left out in this escapade. The article by "The Inquirer" further suggests the existence of schisms in the UDC.

This is so distant from the truth. The UDC remains solid, united and unshaken. As true disciples of Nazi Joseph Goebbels, the BDP propagandists have stuck to his approach; repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth. The nation should not allow itself to be sold a dummy and be hoodwinked.


Press Release distributed by UDC Communications.

For any inquiries please contact Moeti Mohwasa +26 77 302 1911

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