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UDC condemns ill treatment of informal sector traders

GH hawkers being addressed by the police PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES
The situation under which informal traders at Gaborone Bus Rank find themselves in clearly demonstrates that the BDP is not a pro poor Party. 

But a party that serves the interests of the haves. We understand that some of the hawkers have been arrested. It is so painful that they got arrested while trying to eke out a living. This incident exposes the careless, ruthless and insensitive nature of the BDP that we have consistently warned Batswana about.

UDC as a Party that believes in social justice will continue to speak on behalf of the economically disadvantaged and the vulnerable.

We have clearly articulated in our manifesto that our vision is “Prosperity for All. It will be the responsibility of a UDC government to build an economy that delivers on this vision, and expands the frontiers of opportunities for all Batswana. We will create an enabling environment for industry and small business to thrive, create jobs, and be the engine of inclusive economic growth and socio-economic development”.

In terms of interventions the “UDC government will

adopt an aggressive approach to the development of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) and the informal sector in order to accelerate job creation and empower citizens. Botswana’s SMME sector contributes far less to employment and GDP than its potential. We would like to see an SMME sector that accounts for 40-60% of GDP and an even bigger share of employment. We will, through a package of interventions - access to finance, access to markets, skills, technology and business development and support services – remove the critical bottlenecks on the growth and

 development of SMMEs. We will also promulgate a Citizen Economic Empowerment (CEE) law”.

We remain dedicated to continuing to conscientise and mobilise Batswana towards change of Government. To install a Government that will build an economy for their benefit.

Press Release distributed by UDC Communications. For any inquiries please contact Moeti Mohwasa +26 77 302 1911

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