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Mhele Productions shows knack for comedy

The duo of Kario and Moshweshwe, have blown social media by storm with their creativity around a mhele game
Mhele is a strategic African board game played by two players with the aim of capturing opponents’ pieces.

But one could never think that two people playing the game could be as hilarious as the new kids on the block, Mhele Productions.

Mhele Productions, which is a duo of Kario and Moshweshwe, have blown social media by storm with their creativity around a Mhele game that never seems to end well. 

 “As Mhele Productions we are theatre artists that is why we were able to come up with a comedy called Mhele Productions.

The delivery provides edutainment using our traditional game called Mhele that we believe is known countrywide. We also advertise different services such as events and others offered by different companies. Our art is comedy and edutainment,” Kario, the talkative who always provokes his opponent, Moshweshwe told Arts & Culture in an interview.

 Mhele Productions comprises the two gents, Kentse Madome who goes by the stage-name  Moshweshwe who is born and raised in Francistown and Rufisang Willson, acting as Kario. Even though both gentlemen hold different educational qualifications, they are unemployed.

 Kario pointed out that their brother in art Thabo Koboekae, who was concerned about their hidden talent inspired them.

He said Koboekae wanted their talents to be seen countrywide, as he believed they had something that the world may need and love.  He added that the public received their talent very well saying that their followers encourage them not to stop what they are doing as they really enjoy their art. The duo have about 30, 000 followers on their

Facebook page.

He also stated that they are grateful because they never had such following and positive response before. In a period of about three weeks, the pair said they managed to garner 30, 000 followers.

 “We intend to inspire and educate people by sending proper life messages that people need in everyday life through entertainment as we believe people will learn more and benefit from those massages. 

If things can go well our vision is to nurture the young children’s talents targeting the rural areas, as we believe there are so many hidden talents there.

If we were financial stable we would help them to expand their talent and thus helping our country to have a creative industry that is able to compete with other countries,” he said confidently.

  Speaking of their challenge, Kario said they do not have proper equipment to produce quality skits to their followers as some complain of poor picture quality as well as sound projection. But their followers rate them like renown and successful comedians in Botswana and Kario indicated that the accolade motivates them to work hard everyday.

Even though they have not signed with any production house, he explained that they are producing everything for themselves.

Kario also revealed that they chose to keep the public informed in a way that also mesmerises them.

The two characters have proven that edutainment can also be fun whilst at the same time giving relevant messages their targeted audience.




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