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Mosweu calls on public to appreciate illustrative artists

Mosweu is an illustrator whose artistic work is mostly available in the digital platform
Illustration arts just like other fine arts, drawing and painting needs a creative mind and is time-consuming.

However, with new technologies and different applications that can be downloaded on one’s phone, illustration artists face some challenges as their hard work is either confused with edited pictures or those changed through the use of modern applications.

 One of the illustrative artists, Thulaganyo ‘Cardo’ Mosweu had love for art ever since his childhood.

The young man was fascinated by colour and distinctive drawn figures. However, he said people are still not too accustomed to acknowledging illustrations.

Mosweu explained that illustrating takes time to do, adding that as such people get impatient easily. He revealed that people think it is too easy to draw using digital platforms.

  “I have tried to overcome these issues by putting myself out there for the outreach. I have started making videos to show how long it takes for me to complete one artwork. I hope people will appreciate the time and effort put into my craft,” he said.

  Mosweu is an illustrator whose artistic work is mostly available in the digital platform. It is just like drawing with a pencil on paper, but using a mouse and a tool on his computer. He stated that as illustrators, they don’t get enough support from their own country but get acknowledged outside the country.  He explained that he started focusing more on illustration after finishing his BGCSE.

This self-taught artist said during his childhood years he duplicated other artists’ work to better his craft.

 “I have a lot of masterpieces I consider to be some of my best works but if I were

to choose I would go with three; the Connie Ferguson illustration, Sasa Klaas illustration and the Drake and Tshephang Khan illustrations. All that is weird and wonderful in nature and dreams inspires my illustrations.  For me to get done with one illustration usually takes several hours or even up to two to three days,” he further revealed.  He however pointed out that people are starting to appreciate his work more even though it is going to be a long journey to get there.

He explained that most people think he just uses an application to edit their pictures into cartoons. The lad also noted hope that in the future, more people would appreciate that illustrators are artists just like any other artists.

 Mosweu disclosed that he commissioned most of his work outside Botswana because he gets most of his clients and appreciation locally and internationally.

 The young artist worked with various other artists and graphic designers on different  projects. He further explained that the highlight of his career was working with a singer and songwriter Jaz Karis, based in The United Kingdom. He added that he also had the privilege to be featured in a UK magazine called “MJC-Creative Stories and Artwork” last year’s October issue.

 Recently Mosweu illustrated the Coronavirus outbreak painting that has been featured in a local newspaper and was painted by Prince Tom and Ronald Kegomoditswe.

For those who would like to contact him or view his work follow him on Instagram @Zodiak99x and on his Facebook page Aubrey Cardo Mosweu.




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