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Ex-journo releases book on self-confidence

Ex-journo releases book on self-confidence
A budding writer, Patricia Edwin has decided to share her story and motivate other people who have lost hope.

Edwin who worked as a journalist for many years has written a Christian motivation book entitled ‘Cashing Out Confidence’.

“I am a Christian and I want to read everything that has to do with God including the bible.

The book is about self- confidence. Over time depending on how we were raised or how we grew up together with our life experiences we may lose confidence.

It guides the reader on how to get it back. To come again and believe in yourself as capable is hard.

In the book I address the issue as a first experience and also how a relationship with God becomes essential in order to come out of that bind,” she told Arts and Culture.

 Edwin explained that she was inspired by her life experiences. She said when growing up, things didn’t turn out the way she thought and therefore caused a lot of havoc in her life.

Just like many teenagers who are eager to explore life, she chose a wrong path.

During her tertiary days she became seriously self destructive and started destroying her own life.

She said she behaved badly, abused alcohol amongst others.

“I began to react to that part of my life. People tried to help me over time.

I tried suicide and all other things

but was amazed when I got to know God.

 He transformed my life and I gained back my confidence after trusting him first. Before finding him, I was so insecure, so unsure of my life and this affected my whole life as a journalist as well,” she said.

Furthermore, she explained that writing that book was not easy.

She said to write about your own life was not easy because sometimes painful memories come up and it hurts. Edwin pointed out that she had to shelf the book at times because she couldn’t continue.

She further explained that the public responded very well to the book.

She also highlighted that she had not yet gone to the full extent of promoting and marketing the book adding that its launch was coming sometime between June and July.

Furthermore, Edwin explained that Botswana like the whole world is changing with the technology era of phones and digital world where people don’t read tangible books.

She said people have to return to a culture of reading.

 Ahava Publishing Company in Gaborone Botswana published the book on April 2019.

The book is sold at P100 and can be found on and kindle direct publishing for $8.99. It is also available at Botswana National Library Service.





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