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Marina to control visits during lockdown

Princess Marina Hospital
Princess Marina Hospital has announced that it will control the number of visitors per patient during lockdown to reduce the risk and spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In a press statement from Public Relations Officer, Florence Setlhabi effective Tuesday this week the hospital has taken the decision kaçak bahis to only allow one visitor per patient to reduce the influx of visits. 

“With effect from Tuesday the hospital will strictly allow one visitor per patient during any visiting time and the general public is expected to abide (by the rules),” she said. 

Setlhabi explained that relatives will still be allowed to visit their patients according to the hospital hours, but it will be one person per visit. 

She said the hospital was forced to come up with the move as it had tried many ways to reduce the number of visitors coming to the hospital even

during kaçak iddaa this trying time of COVID-19. 

“We would like to inform the public that we are still urging them to desist from visiting the admitted patients in large numbers as this will impose more danger bets10 to their ill health,” she said. 

On other issues, the hospital advised the public to use other health facilities other than Marina to reduce congestion.

The hospital, especially pointed out the use of local maternity clinics to avoid congestion at the hospital’s maternity ward, which seems to be overwhelmed at the moment. 

Only pregnant women who experience complications are encouraged to seek help at the hospital while the rest are advised to go to other health facilities for delivery.




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