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COVID-19: Lack of adherence to preventative measures a worry

Lack of adherence to preventative measures a worry PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES
As Covid-19 lockdown looms police have expressed concern over poor adherence to coronavirus preventative measures by members of the public.

Yesterday, the Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry Peggy Serame announced that from tomorrow (Saturday) there would be no sale of alcohol for the period of 30 days following members of the community’s non-compliance with the measures.

Last week the government moved to close the operations of bars, churches and other entertainment as well as reducing the limited numbers of public gatherings from 100 to 10 people in response to the spreading coronavirus pandemic.

Acknowledging the gravity of Coronavirus pandemic that has had hit neighbouring South Africa, killed thousands of people worldwide the Botswana Police Service (BPS)’s public relations officer, assistant commissioner Dipheko Motube pleaded with members of the public to adhere to government’s Coronavirus preventative measures.

Motube said following what transpired last week after the closure of bars with some bar owners operating and disobeying the government’s directive they would intensify the law enforcement by arresting and charging transgressors.

“There were some bars, churches, social and cultural entities that were operating disobeying the government’s directive. We are ready to step in to make sure that this time around everyone complies with the directive.

Last week we were a bit relaxed because we did not want to seem like we were quick to enforce

the law for something that came as a shock to the people but this time around the message is clear. We will no longer entertain offenders,” he said.

The police spokesperson added that this past week there were some individuals who were not following the public gathering requirement of 10 people. He said they observed large numbers of people gathering in parties, weddings, funerals, indoors and outdoors gyms.

“We will make it a point that all preventative measures put forward by the government are followed. How, we will look into it as they emerge because our mandate is to enforce the law. We will make sure that those measures are followed and implemented without fail,” Motube said.

He added that there were some people who were supposed to be on self-isolation but defaulted. Motube warned that those people would be called to order because doing that was against the government’s advice.

Motube also said if people could change their behaviour for a while they could save lives as lives are lost on daily basis in some counties due to Coronavirus. He said everyone has the power to stop the spread of the virus and community events are currently not an option.




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