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Moatlhodi uses his political skills to fight coronavirus

FRANCISTOWN: Just as Botswana battles to keep the contagious and killer coronavirus at bay, maverick politician Pono Moatlhodi is leading politicians by example.

The controversial Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) legislator for Tonota recorded an amateurish video, which has since gone viral on social media, addressing his constituents and the country on the coronavirus.

Moatlhodi used the same powerful medium that took him to Parliament: He mounted a public address system on his bakkie and blurred out the anti Corona message through the loud speaker, and he would later circulate the video on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

The UDC legislator’s message starts off with him indicating that although Botswana is yet to register a single positive case of coronavirus, “we don’t have to be complacent.”

He encouraged Tonota residents and those who were reached out by the video to adhere to the government precautions without fail.

He used his influence to educate the masses on the virus that continues to empty the national coffers as the country unleashes a fierce fight against the incurable giant. Elsewhere, the virus continues to decimate people across the globe.

“We ought to stand on our feet and combat this virus so that we never come to register any positive case,” Moatlhodi appealed to the masses.

Typical of his character, Moatlhodi spiced up his address with theatrics. He was concerned that since the advent of the coronavirus, shops selling hand sanitisers have chosen to deliberately over price their wares from P20 to P60.

He even threatened to report the issue of unfair price increase to Trade and Investment Minister, Peggy Serame to take appropriate action against those hell-bent on maximising profits during the pandemic.

“Coronavirus is highly contagious and has brought global trade and major economic activities to a halt,” he stated.

He emphasised that it will not be considered anti social to avoid hand shaking when

greeting. Typical of him, he even demonstrated how people should rather use elbows to greet each other to just show appreciation.

He informed the residents and those who watched the video to come out in the open if they have recently travelled to overseas and opt for self-isolation for 14 days.

His position was that, the arm of the law has to reach out to those who will attempt to evade the coronavirus protocols, to be dealt with ruthlessly by the law.

He left his listeners and viewers in stitches when he further demonstrated how people should sneeze what he called the Selete way: Burying their faces/heads under their armpits as a way of preventing the virus from spreading through direct sneezing.

He was quick to warn that people should not sneeze ‘Sengwaketse’ way and emphasised his point by just sneezing into the open air, “heethiaaa!”

On a serious note, Moatlhodi encouraged people to watch their actions and never try to compromise on the precautions issued by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

As for churchgoers, he appealed that they should never attempt to violate the mandatory number of 10 members per a service and also emphasised the matter of social distancing of about a meter of two apart all the time.

All the time he addressed his audience, Moatlhodi switched between Sengwaketse, Selete, Serolong and his tribal language Sekhurutshe to keep his people spellbound.

In an endeavour to summarise his address, Moatlhodi belted out a corrupted version of DJ Sunco featuring Queen Jenny 2019 release: Koko Matswale. “Koko, ga re hete Corona e sa hela….A re tshwaraganeleng go lwantsha Corona.” His message through the song was that Batswana should unite and effectively vanquish Corona.




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