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Batswana, Shame On You!

As things stand, go tsena kaha, go tswa kaha! Batswana we are a landlocked country and all the countries we share borders with have recorded coronavirus cases.

This means any one of us is just a border away from contracting the deadly coronavirus because people still cross in and out of the country daily.  Some, for absolutely unnecessary reasons and those who continue to ignore restrictions are likely to catch the virus and spread it.

We should all get into the Internet and search for information on what is happening in Italy, COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire, but some Batswana seem to be taking things for granted. We have been given safety tips like washing our hands with soap, using sanitisers and other means of caution.

But we do know that dozens of doctors have died curing COVID-19 across the world. This simply tells us we can never be cautious enough, hence the need for each and every individual to take responsibility and ensure that coronavirus does not infect them. The least we could do is to stay home when we are not forced to go out.

We commended the government for closing learning institutions saying it would reduce our risk, but what good are we doing our children by coming home to them drunk after sharing quarts with bo Patrick? After kissing and touching random men and women at the bar? Why do we still gather when we do not need to? It was indeed embarrassing to

see bars fully packed when they were supposed to be closed as the government had directed.

We commend all the churches that heeded the call and live streamed their church services online for believers. Shame on all those who went to church in numbers, ignoring advice from health authorities. The police also had a lot of work to do chasing after grown men from football fields as they played despite the fact that such gatherings have been banned.

Just last week a lot of people were shocked to hear that P22 million has been used to fight COVID-19, once we report a single positive case, much more money would be used. We cannot afford to lose any thebe we could have avoided spending unnecessarily out of acts of being an irresponsible nation. Every Motswana should take it upon themselves not to catch the deadly virus or expose others to it.

We kindly urge all those who cross into the country to ensure that they are tested thoroughly and have been cleared before making contact with many people.

Even if you one tests negative upon arrival, one needs to watch their movement and self-isolate for 14 days as specified by health officials. It is equally easy to stop the virus from spreading as it is letting it into the country.




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