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Power Cuts Almost Ruin Rasesa Social Picnic

Despite a series of power cuts, Rasesa Social Picnic still managed to attract a good number of followers on Saturday PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO
The fifth edition of the biannual chill session event, Rasesa Social Picnic continued to attract many followers last weekend at Masa Gardens in Rasesa, but the event was marred by a series of power cuts.

Usually a slew of problems such as technical sound glitches and long queues hamper most local events, but this time Rasesa Social Picnic organisers were caught unawares by the unplanned power outages. There were issues of power cuts starting in the afternoon and after the electricity returned a few hours later, another blackout hit that night.

This cast some doubt in the loyal festivalgoers, who were stuck without entertainment. Conversations between revellers inevitably lead to the big question, when are we going to get our power back? Without backup generators in place to deal with this unplanned outage, it all seemed uncertain.

For an outdoor event of that magnitude, life for fans grinded to a halt as some resorted to singing while others played their own music in their car sound systems. Some had a catching up session with their old friends to pass the time. But the power soon returned and all the disappointment turned into joy as people enjoyed sets from their favourite DJs on the night.

There was no performance but the show supporters gathered at the stage as if they were waiting for a big musical act.

Although the power cuts prevented show owner DJ Bakito from delivering his set as planned, it was quite observant that everything was well organised from the security to the car parking. The lineup of DJs on the day also made it up to the patrons for a night almost ruined. Everything was back to normal as people put their camp chairs away to dance. The music itself is a vital part of what makes the event special. The key to a successful chill session event is to make sure that coolers are well stocked with beverages and on that note the patrons came well prepared.

Overall, Rasesa Social Picnic, an event that has become one of the most popular social calendar events was not all bad but the biggest lesson is to always have a contingency plan in place in case things go south.




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