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When death is a sneeze away

Mmusi Bechu
Mmusi Bechu I do not know much about coronavirus but the little I know about the disease is that it is deadly and I believe that we should be prepared for the virus as it has already hit  neighbouring countries.

Laone Dialwa

I had wanted to purchase some things online from China and I have heard people say that their orders have not been delivered from China due to the Corona virus outbreak which is a setback on my part. Looking at this I think it will have a negative effect on the economic activities of the country.

Amogelang Jenamiso

With the confirmed Corona virus cases in South Africa I believe that government should put up measures to keep us safe from the virus. I am very worried since I am a service provider and I interact with a lot of people something that can be dangerous for me and also to my customers as the virus spreads through contact with people infected with it. I am also concerned about my mother’s safety as she is a nurse and nurses are the ones who will be handling cases if Corona hits Botswana.

Babedi Isaka

As a Motswana I am really scared as the virus has already reached our neighbors South Africa and if care is not taken we may have immigrants who come into our country to spread the disease, so most of us will be heading to our graves very soon nevertheless we put our

trust in God to secure our land from the virus.

Tshupo Seolwane

My concern is with the way government has decided to handle the issue of corona, with a lot of people travelling in and out of the country freely without any restrictions. I believe this poses a lot of risks for us as Batswana because some of the people who come into our country are from affected countries and there is a possibility we will catch the virus as well

Tonic Maghibizela

I believe the general populous has not yet grasped the gravity of the situation but as for us in the retail industry we recognise the threat that the disease poses to the community we operate in which is why we have put hand sanitisers at the entrances of our stores for the customers to use when going in and out of the store.

Susan Kheliya

I do not really know much about coronavirus but from what I have heard I believe the government should put up measures to stop the import of goods from countries that have reported cases of the virus and also put restrictions on travels from countries with a high prevalence of the virus.


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