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Ntando's No-Show Spoils Fans Weekend

South African Afro Pop singer, Ntando, failed to show up at the African Attire on Fleek picnic much to the disappointment of his fans
South African Afro-pop singer, Ntando disappointed his fans by not showing up at one of Botswana’s biggest lifestyle and African attire festival dubbed The Grand African Attire on Fleek on Saturday.

Ntando whose music is a staple in terms of romantic gestures was scheduled to perform at the event at 10.15pm.  He is alleged to have not been able to board a flight as booked by the organisers as he had “misplaced his passport.”

Even though the masters of the ceremony kept teasing the audience with this SA singer’s songs getting their hopes up in vain, they never told them that he did not pitch up as expected.

His local fans kept singing along his songs with great excitement. They  had hoped to finally meet their star. On the contrary, they were only teased with Ntandos songs and a light performance presented by his back up vocalists who later apologised on behalf of the organisers saying he (Ntando) told them that he could not find his passport.

“We would like to apologise to you as Ntando could not make it into the country as he has lost his passport. Please do not blame the organisers for this, as they were not aware of this situation until late today. They fulfilled all the requirements and we are solely to blame not them. We humble ourselves before you and apologise for all the inconveniences caused,” one of his backup singers announced.

The announcement left mixed reactions amongst the audience with some immediately leaving the venue whilst others decided to stick around and sing along his songs. Ntando’s inability to show up at the event turned out to be a salt on a wound for some of his fans that waited patiently for

his performance. That was despite having to wait for more than 20 minutes for the sound system and stage to be turned on after some power cut.

In an interview with the event organiser, David Letshwiti of Colourful Events, he told this publication that he had paid the artist and even booked him tickets together with his backup vocalists only for him (Letshwiti) to learn that the singer had lost his travel document.

“Ntando and his backup singers were supposed to board the plane coming to Botswana at 11.30am on Saturday. His backup vocalists ended up coming alone as he was said to have misplaced his passport. I am disappointed that he told us that he could not find his passport on the day of the event because we have been communicating almost everyday,” he said.

Letshwiti also said as the time, he had not decided on a way forward pertaining to the issue as he had already lost some money on booking flight tickets, paying for accommodation and the artist including other expenses.

Meanwhile, in a video clip he sent to the organisers, Ntando apologised to his fans for not showing up. He said he lost his passport and that he tried everything he could, but there was nothing he could do about it. He pleaded with his fans not to blame the promoters saying that they were not at fault and all the blame should be put on him. He promised to make it up for them even though he did not say how.




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