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Batswana's mindset a cause of unemployment - Masisi

Last week President Mokgweetsi Masisi fell few words short of openly telling the nation that Batswana are lazy, hence all the unemployment and inefficiencies engulfing the country.

Masisi was responding to a question about his lessons, struggles and achievements since attaining the presidency.

“If you all opened your phones, to look for numbers of a convenient mechanic; plumber or bricklayer, welder, you will answer the question [of Batswana’s unemployment] for yourself, who are they and where do they come from,” said the President.

“So the problem (unemployment) is amongst ourselves. All of us. It’s a mindset issue,” he added. The President further said Batswana used to be ‘celebrated people’ but now they are found wanting.

“Batswana were very productive. It was legendary. In South African farms, in kitchens and mines, households thrived. Some were brilliant livestock men, herdsmen, they reproduce cattle and they could multiply and wealth would come. Efficiently,” he said.

The President questioned as to why is it now, when the government is providing assistance programmes, Batswana are failing to produce. Masisi admitted that he is really struggling to create jobs for Batswana.

“Jobs, it’s a the struggle I have. The economy has not yielded

the jobs that we want as yet,” he reported.

Some of his struggles he mentioned included the poor quality of education and government internal inefficiencies. He said others are budgetary constraints and external ones like disappointments from some regional agreements.

Masisi also said as part of the solutions, what was needed is human capital, financial capital and most importantly mindset change. He challenged Batswana to actively pledge their allegiance to the country, and not just the flag but to Botswana products and services.

Masisi also announced that in March he would invite his whole Cabinet to present their progress report since attaining power. It is expected that Masisi and his Cabinet will share their achievements, as well as progress against their targets and elections promises.

February 8, 2020 marked the 100th day since Masisi was inaugurated on November 1, 2019 after cementing his presidency in the 2019 general elections. On April 1, 2020 he would have done 20% of his possible total tenure of 10 years.




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