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Police Warn Of Trust Issues As Man Rapes Another

Tshane police have taken a 30-year-old man into custody for allegedly raping another man of the same age in Hukuntsi recently.

The suspect is facing a single count of rape. In an interview, Tshane police station commander, Superintendent Vusimusi Jorowe said the incident occurred at Goo- Khibana ward in Hukuntsi.

Jorowe said the victim reported the matter to the police the morning after incident prompting them to act accordingly.

“There is a perception that the police laugh at men when they report rape cases, but this is a clear case that we treat reports equally regardless of the gender that reports the cases,” the station head said.

“We do not laugh at anyone, and people should not shy away and report cases.”

Jorowe said the victim who had visited Hukuntsi from Jwaneng Unit 2 location was a guest of the suspect’s family. He added that the victim was accommodated in the same room with the suspect, and they were sharing a bed.

“The victim said he had a few beers on that fateful night and went to bed drunk. He said he was shocked to wake up naked. He said he saw himself going to bed clothed, but he woke up naked and in pains,” Jorowe said.

Jorowe said the victim disclosed that prior to the incident he briefly woke up and discovered that he was half-naked.

He narrated that he put his clothes back on and went back to sleep. Jorowe added that the victim revealed that he was shocked when he woke up the second time now having pains in his buttocks.

“He said what made him suspicious was when

he went to the toilet he discovered fluids that looked like sperms when he wiped his anus,” he added.

He (the victim) said that is when he suspected to have been raped. Jorowe went on to state that the victim shared with them that was the time that he also recalled the first occurrence in which he woke up half-naked before passing out into deep sleep.

Jorowe said the victim was immediately rushed to Hukuntsi Primary Hospital where he was attended to by the doctors. He stated that the victim was examined, treated and released the following day from hospital.

“I am pleading with members of the public not to trust anyone. Avoid sleeping with anyone, not even people of the same sex because people are no longer trustworthy and as such anything can happen even something like this,” Jorowe said.

He however stated that it was a strange rape case to have ever been recorded in his policing area. Jorowe said the rape cases that have been giving him sleepless nights are those of the opposite sex not of the same sex.

“Rape and defilement cases are on the rise in my policing area something that is a concern to us as the police.

Our efforts to curb this scourge appears to be falling into deaf ears, because we always hold community outreach sensitizing members of the public to respect women and the girl child. They are usually the victims as compared to their male counterparts.”




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