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Zibos, From Free Wedding Dancer To A Choreographer

As a choreographer Zibos renews dance routines and moves so that it doesn't become monotonous
People attend weddings and get to see bride and groom dance on the happiest day of their lives. But the man and women who choreograph these weddings sometimes remain behind the scenes.

They make learning to dance easy and fun. A few months prior to the wedding, they work together with bridesmaids and groomsmen to create dance moves that fit your style.

When he first started dancing at weddings in 2013 with his friends, Onneile Tshekoetsile also known as Zibos thought it was just a hobby. The group danced for free together until they realised that there is more to this than just entertaining wedding attendees.

Wedding choreographer, Zibos told Showtime how he turned everything around into a moneymaking business in 2014.

“I formed a group in Lobatse and we got so many wedding gigs. But the group was dismantled in 2015 after I realised that there were so many of us and we didn’t get much profit from our sweat,” he said.

Zibos added that he then decided to engage three male dancers and together they called themselves Zibos Wedding Dance Masters.

“I made sure that I trained them for this and I came up with various dance moves. Afterwards, I allocated them various weddings as per gig,” he added.

Zibos said he also does the same and sometimes he passes around different wedding rehearsals to see if his boys are

doing as he had taught them.

“But my main challenge is that my customers often request me personally and do not want the people I work with. I can’t handle so many wedding at once no wonder I have my boys.”

Zibos also said as a choreographer he renews dance routines and moves so that it doesn’t become monotonous. He explained that he doesn’t repeat dances moves so that each wedding becomes unique and to eliminate repetition. Zibos was quick to say that his inspiration comes from his love for music.

Looking back Zibos said he is a self-taught dancer and had always loved dancing from a young age. He disclosed that his services differ and therefore prices vary as well.

“Some people find it difficult to learn dance moves so I provide extra lessons for that. There is a charge for the formation and another for the choreography during the wedding,” he said.

Zibos said as per the agreement, customers cover travel and other costs. Going forward the man said he wants to grow his group and in the end create job opportunities for others.

“We want to include other wedding aspects like sound, video and photography.”




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