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Ngwato Landboard lets Pilikwe down

Unimpressed: Seretse
I am writing this letter to express disappointment at how Sefhare Sub Landboard and its parent body Ngwato Landboard have been handling land issues pertaining to my village, Pilikwe.

One can safely say that the landboard has been mismanaging land in Pilikwe and following are a few examples of how it has been treating us poorly as a community:

Ngwato Landboard has at some point allocated a piece of land for radioactive materials storage facility despite the protests of our people and the matter was only resolved when the Pilikwe community decided to take it to court.

Sefhare Sub-Landboard has last allocated residential, business and civic plots in Pilikwe in 2015 despite repeated calls to do so and their lame excuse is that they are still working on the layout of the village. Needless to say, this is hampering the growth of our village. Sefhare Sub-Landboard has over the years encouraged encroachment of Pilikwe by neighbouring villages like Lecheng and Radisele and this ending with double allocations and both the main landboard and sub-landboard have consistently refused to redress such issues.

Sefhare Sub Landboard has failed to give most of

the plots in Pilikwe plots numbers under LAPCAS and they haven’t given any satisfactory reasons for this.

Over the years, the sub landboard has failed to provide general services to the people of Pilikwe and the Ngwato Main Landboard has failed to intervene.

Soon after my assumption of duty as Kgosi of Pilikwe, I have tried to engage the Ngwato Landboard Secretary, Ngwato Landboard Chairperson, Sefhare Sub Landboard Secretary and Sefhare Sub Landboard Chairperson to address these issues in vain. I have even approached the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services and his Deputy Permanent Secretary but they have done little to help remedy this situation.

In conclusion, one can safely say that both the Ngwato Main Landboard and Sefhare Sub Landboard have dismally failed the Pilikwe community because of their poor land management skills. I believe that even the Dikgosi in the olden times could manage land better than Ngwato Landboard.

*Kgosi Gasebalwe Seretse writes from Pilikwe

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