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Expectations: A fruit Can Either Be Bitter Or Too Sweet. What Do You Fancy?

Beyond our hope sits expectation. Expectation is the belief one has about the anticipated future or outcome of a certain predicament.

It is a mental picture of how we hope incidents or events would unfold like. But unfortunately, expectations are never guaranteed therefore they can either materialise to be what we anticipated or maybe opposite and disappoint us. They are what fuels us to put more effort in our journey of greatness.

Wherever we are going or whatever we do, we anticipate the outcome through expectancy and it is what gives us the reason to commit in whatever we action on. What would life be like without expectations? Humans, animals, trees, vehicles, businesses and even air have expectations. Expectation bears domino effects. Every action bears result. Decisions are a seed whilst expectations are a harvest.

All expectations are fruits of our thoughts. They depend on whether we are negative or positive minded. If we are positive minded, you will conceive imaginary outcome poised with hopefulness and optimism.

This is due to the high esteem and high confidence we have about ourselves and the belief that we deserve the finest things in life. We expect only positive outcomes even in challenging environments. If one is negative minded, their expectation will be bundled with worry, fear and distrust. This is because one beliefs that they do not deserve a well lived life hence leave your esteem or confidence very low. Expectations have a great impact on one’s self-efficacy.

Our past experiences often influence the posture of our expectations. The experiences may either hinder our progression or activate it. For instance, when one has once been in an abusive relationship, they will either expect that any future partner is going to be abusive just like the previous one.

This is maybe because they have not forgiven themselves nor the offender for the excruciating pain they experienced. This then cause a phobia which might make someone not to explore opportunities of love. A businessman invests with expectations of selling their product or service swiftly in the market place and make a lot of profits which ultimately will create a life they aspire to live. A farmer ploughs with an expectation of a bountiful harvest.

Even though expectations sets

standards for any phase of life, we need to be mindful of whether our expectations are SMART. S- SMART, M- MEASURABLE, A- ATTAINABLE and T- TIME sensitive. You cannot expect a baboon to give birth to a calf. It is imperative to write your expectation down before any move is made towards it. This helps to establish if indeed there is a clear roadmap for your intent.

With a realistic mindset, you will need to develop indicators that would value the impact of the actioned deed, for instance; analyse a set of actions for the day and determine a strategy that will yield fruits and see on how to enhance it for maximisation. The mind is so powerful that it can see the impossible but one has to distinguish between the feasible and the unfeasible.  The best way to manage the appetite to your expectation is through tolerance. Tolerance is the highest form of maturity, which is, being mature to accept the realities of life and not pretend to yourself that you are immune to some incidents. A mature person expects both the expected and the unexpected. They know that life is what time throws at them. Time is what manifests expectations. Health official would advise an expecting Mother that her delivery date is a week before or after the 38th week. Time is independent from human beings and we have to be open-minded about this fact.

Expect but not exceedingly because the reality of what you always receive is a miracle. We should avoid walking into covenants with our selfish expectations because that we leave you with disturbed peace since nothing flows the direction you anticipated. Therefore, build new expectations for the relationship to be more effective and fruitful.

Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (found at Bala Book Store- Railpark Mall and Botswana Book Center- Main Mall), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on or +26773791677 for bookings.



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